Stripping down your weight with a pole workout is a fun alternative to any exercise routine. What is a pole workout? Using a dancing pole, the instructor conducts a dance fitness class that works using pole dancing moves. Pole dancing lessons are something that people really enjoy but you may not have heard about it because some people are too embarrassed or afraid to talk about it.

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What goes on during a pole workout? Below is an account of what goes on during this workout. Depending on the class and the instructor, the workouts may vary.

Immediately as you walk in, you will see the poles off to one side of the room and a wall with mirrors from ceiling to floor. The other side of the room is for stretching and learning the moves before you attempt them on the pole.

The instructor will introduce herself and explain what to expect during the workout. Everyone will take their place, facing the mirrors and the first thing the instructor will do is teach you the sexy walk. The sexy walk is what you do as you approach the pole. You will also learn the sexy way of getting up off the floor after swinging from the pole.

Once the class learns those moves, it is time to learn about the pole and safety before you begin the steps you will take to get swinging. The instructor will show the workout move. Then each person will take turns on the pole to try the move they just learned. Depending on how big the studio is and how many poles there are, you might have to share your pole with someone. As each person takes their turn and hopefully masters the workout move, the next steps are then introduced. By the end of the class, you will have learned a whole pole workout routine.

Weight comes off fast and easy with a pole workout

What kind of people take this type of class? All kinds--from the young to old and the introverted to extroverted. There are people who are curious about pole workouts and there are people who want to spice up their exercise routine. Pole dancing does give you a work out. You use every part of your body to perform the spins. Your arms will definitely get a workout, since you have to hold yourself up while you turn on the pole. As you lift your legs up off the ground, you are working out your abdominal section and your legs. You can increase the intensity level depending on how long you stay with the class and what kind of other routines you learn.

Whether you’re interested or not, a pole workout provides a fun alternative to exercising in a gym on an elliptical machine or exercising at home with a workout video.