A stroller board is designed to be used with most strollers with a rear axle, adding greater suspension which provides a more comfortable ride for your child.

Your older child can stand on the stroller board when they tire of walking. It turns any stroller into a place where you can take the whole family, at least it seems that way.

Your main concern with a stroller board is the child's safety. You should never have a child under the age of 2 on a stroller board. If your child is even three years old, but not capable of holding on, this will not be a safe option.

The stroller board works when it is attached to the back of a stroller, enabling a child to stand on the board. Your child will have to hold onto the stroller, and will need to realizethat they can't jump off while the stroller is moving.

Not all stroller boards are compatible with every stroller, you will want to make sure your stroller is compatible, and what kind of stroller board will work.

Stroller boards are not a common item in US Stores, but you can find them online without any problem.
Some of the best stroller board brands are:

Lascal Buggy Board Maxi

  • This does not require any tools, allowing you to attach quickly and easily
  • Heavy duty, has an independent suspension, very comfortable
  • Large, rubberized, anti-slip surface, giving your child a safer foothold
  • The large wheels offer a smoother ride
  • Side reflectors, creating visibility at night

KiddyBoard Maxi Stroller Board by Lascal

  • Another great stroller board by Lascal
  • Will fit most strollers that have a rear axle
  • Has an independent suspension for added comfort
  • Can handle the bumps without messing up the balance of the stroller
  • Anti-slip foothold for your child
  • Lift-N-Store system, enables you to lift your board up and away when not in use

Bugaboo Wheel Stroller Board

  • This board is perfect for a standing child up to 40 lbs
  • Attaches to the Bugaboo Frog, Chameleon, and Gecko Strollers
  • Board is attached in the folded position with the elastic band, hook, and loop fastener strips

If your stroller is already filled, and you still have another child to take along, why not add the stroller board, you and your child will love it.