The Volo stroller is one of the lightest, quality umbrella strollers on the market. You can find lighter strollers but that will definitely be at the sacrifice of some major features like a high quality aluminum frame, a lifetime warrantee, and an overall quality build that will last for multiple children and many years.

In early 2012 Maclaren introduced a new stroller called the Globetrotter. The new 2012 Maclaren Globetrotter is an obvious comparison stroller or alternative stroller to the Volo because it’s almost identical with the exception of one notable new feature. The Globetrotter will have an adjustable seat back which provides your child with different seat angles whereas the Volo has only one seat position which isn’t adjustable.

Parents who choose the Volo over lower cost alternatives do so primarily for the quality of the Volo which is far superior to other umbrella strollers of its size and weight. Most cheaper strollers simply don’t hold up as well over time and usage. Many parents also buy the Volo for its weight alone which is far lighter than other major brands.

2012 Globetrotter Stroller Compared To The Volo

2012 Maclaren Globetrotter Stroller In BlackThe new Maclaren Globetrotter stroller continues on with this tradition by remaining exceptionally light weight. It is heavier than the Volo but only by a couple pounds. The 2012 Volo weighs in with no accessories at 8.8 lbs while the 2012 Globetrotter weighs in at 10.6 lbs. The added weight of the Globetrotter however still keeps this stroller on the low side of the weight spectrum when compared to other major brands.

The UPPABaby G-Luxe Stroller Weighs Only 11 LBSOne of the most popular super lightweight strollers is the UPPABaby G-Luxe stroller but even this is heavier than the Globetrotter weighing in at 11 pounds. I compared the Volo as an alternative to the G-Luxe in another article but more appropriately the new Globetrotter will be a better comparison to the G-Luxe because the Globetrotter has more features which are similar to the G-Luxe – for instance the adjustable seat back.

In my opinion you can still compare the strollers in much the same way. If price is your major concern then the new Volo is still the cheapest of the three. If you need more seat recline positions then you have to go with the G-Lux or the Globetrotter. Both the 2012 Maclaren Globetrotter and the G-Luxe fall right into the same price range which is appropriate for the added features that the two both have but of the two the Globetrotter is still lighter by a little more than half a pound.

The 2012 Globetrotter stroller is a really good looking stroller and it should put a lot of pressure on other brands to offer full-featured umbrella strollers without packing on the weight. Of course if the ultra-light stroller is not that important to you can always buy a similar stroller for less and just deal with the extra poundage.

There are a number of quality umbrella strollers in the 12-16 pound range for less than $100. One extremely popular lightweight umbrella stroller is The First Years Ignite stroller which is far better than the cheapest strollers made but it’s a bit heavier and a bit lower quality than the premium brand strollers previously mentioned in this article. Just do some looking around on Amazon or at any other major retailer with a large inventory stock to get a few more options.