Head through any clothing store and you will notice that there are not many studded belts for women. This was a style that was popular throughout the majority of the 1970’s; however, many women choose to wear them in the 21st century. I personally like the style, and think that there are certain looks that suit women’s studded belts!

Many people are under the false impression that belts with studs on them are only meant for women that are sporting the rocker look; however, almost any look can be made to suit the studs! The coolest thing about studded belts is that they can practically be found on hundreds of different types of belts.

There are skinny studded belts, and studded belts that have a vibrant and shiny buckle. I am not exaggerating when I say that there are hundreds of different styles! I am not writing this to persuade you to buy a specific women’s belt; I am merely writing this to open your eyes to the potential that these studded belts have for women!

There Are Three Types Of Women’s Studded Belts

I know that I said that there were hundreds of styles when it comes to belts with studs on them...and that was true. However, all of these styles can be broken down into 3 separate types!

Belts that are lined with studs- These are all sorts of belts that have a line of studs around their perimeter. The perimeter is the only place that the studs are found. This pattern can usually be found on skinny belts and ones with large buckles!

Belts that are full of studs- These are commonly worn by rockers and women that ride motorcycles. These belts are literally full of studs. The only place that leather can be seen is in between the lines of studs!

Belts that have a pattern of studs- I would say that these are the most 21st century styled studded belts for women! They are usually made of leather and have various patterns of studs throughout them!

Take a look at the studded belts on Amazon and you will find all three of these styles being sold at highly discounted prices!

Fashionistas Should Choose To Wear Skinny Leather Studded Belts

Skinny belts were in style throughout the 1970`s and have magically made their way back onto the trend wagon!

I would highly recommend that all women buy a skinny belt with studs on it! The only reason that I say this is because it serves a variety of purposes! The last thing that women want is to own a belt that they can only wear with one outfit or in one situation.

Skinny belts with studs can be worn with jeans and vibrant dresses. Choose a black leather skinny belt with studs all over it and you will be able to wear it with formal jeans, ripped jeans, and any colored dresses that you own!

Belts With Studs On Them Are Perfect For The Rocker Look

Whether you`re heading to a rock concert or simply jamming out to some AC/DC in the comfort of your own home, you are going to want to dress like a rocker! Ripped jeans and a leather jacket are only half of the battle; however, studded belts for women complete the look!

Head on over to the nearest clothing store and purchase a black leather belt that is filled with studs! The most amazing thing about this belt is that it can be worn with practically everything that you have in your closet!

Don’t Pay The Hefty Price For Belts With Rhinestones And Studs...Stick With The Fake Studs!

I know a ton of stores that sell leather belts with real rhinestones and metal studs on them. These belts cost upwards of $100 and are definitely not worth it!

Why on earth would you want real rhinestones and studs on your belt when you can get faux ones that look nearly identical?

I am not saying that you should buy a faux designer belt or anything of that sort. I am simply asking you to avoid overspending on a belt with real rhinestones and studs! At the end of the day it is just a belt, and you shouldn’t be spending a ton of money on it!

There are literally thousands of women’s studded belts that are available for purchase; however, not all of them are necessarily good purchases! I would highly recommend using the tips and facts that are listed throughout this article to make an educated purchase! Look through a variety of belts before you buy one and I’m sure that you’ll get your hands on the best deal possible!

Studded belts for women are entirely worth purchasing; use the tips in this article to get the most bang for your buck!