Many students living in student accommodation have common dorm room worries and how time management will make your life easier on campus. Student accommodation living lacks privacy first and foremost. This is can be unnerving, especially if you just want to get away from others and be left alone. Many dorms are now gender neutral. This means you will be living right next door to someone of the opposite sex. Others are strict about the gender of their dorm occupants and you might find it frustrating to only see people of the same sex in your dorm. Another issue might be that many student accommodation settings have communal bathrooms. Some people are comfortable enough to walk down their hall in just a towel, while you might be more comfortable using a bathrobe. Wearing flip flops or sandals is a good idea when sharing communal bathrooms. No matter where you attend, the situation will be different for student accommodation guidelines and if something is incredible uncomfortable for you and adjusting does not seem feasible, then your RA is there to help and make your transition as easy and comfortable as possible.

New Freedoms


Having new freedom in student accommodation settings means you have to keep yourself out of trouble even though you can skip classes, sleep in, stay out late at parties, and do as you please. This seems like a great alternative when you first begin classes and sometimes it takes an entire first semester of nearly failing and being unable to manage your schedule before you realize the importance of getting good grades, staying healthy, and the power of a good reputation. There are rules amidst all of your new freedom. RA’s are there to help you, but they are also there to keep things in order. If you get out of hand, they have the right to discipline you with verbal warnings, sometimes written warnings, tickets, reporting you to a higher level of academic probation, etc… Your student accommodation settings will have fun dorm parties and get-togethers and other bonding activities in hopes of making you closer to those who surround you, and they are there as a counselor to you for any roommate, class, or personal issues. However, if you break the rules, they will have to punish you.

Old Responsibilities


You might have lived with your parents your entire childhood and been very close to them. This makes moving away into a dorm a very difficult transition. If you moved out of state or out of the country, it makes it even more difficult. No matter the situation, once you’ve been on your own, returning home for holidays like thanksgiving or Christmas can be frustrating as you are suddenly required to adhere to family rules again, be back by a certain time, and inform someone of where you will be at all times. This can cause lots of conflicts with parents and it is important to talk to them and explain that college life has in fact made you a dependable and responsible young adult who can be trusted on their own. If you voice these concerns under the auspices that you love them and know they only worry because they care, then you will often find they are very receptive to this realization and impressed with your maturity, allowing you the freedoms at home that you enjoyed in college.


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Living in student accommodation settings prepares you for the real world wherein you are responsible for your own laundry, cooking, scheduling, managing your time, interacting with others, fixing household issues like replacing a light bulb, and making new friends.