Every student, at one time or another, is going to run across a subject that is going to cause a little difficulty. Most often, he or she is able to work out the problem on their own, but for those who can’t, tutors are available to get them through the rough spots and back on track. College tutors, especially, know how hard certain subjects can be, having been in the same situation not all that long ago. Whether it is math, science, English, or any other class, help is always available, either in person or on-line. Many times, students need help preparing for their college entrance exams, and a tutor can help with this, as well. Not everything comes easily to all students, and while one child may be having no trouble, a brother or sister in the same family may not fare as well.

Struggling Student


Parents need to be on the lookout for signs that their child is having trouble keeping up with the rest of the class. It may be something as simple as a student saying that they haven’t any homework, or they finished it in study hall. Check to make sure this is true. Lots of kids use this excuse to avoid having to study at home, especially if a certain subject is causing problems, so yours wouldn’t be the first one to try to hide the fact that they just can’t grasp a certain subject. The minute you even suspect something is amiss, take steps to correct it by hiring a tutor. The problem may not even be that drastic-maybe a little homework help is all that will be needed for a short period of time.


If  too much time passes before you realize that there is something wrong, it’s going to take that much longer for your child to catch up, and more time spent being tutored before positive results can be seen. He or she may resent having to spend extra hours studying, but it’s a lot better than having to attend summer school, or worse yet, repeating the grade. It can be very frustrating for the child who just can’t understand something in class, and usually they are to ashamed to admit it. A tutor can instill confidence with patience and understanding, and has the time needed to explain things in depth, something teachers are not often able to do during the short class period.



Making the transition from grade school to middle school, and then to high school usually is something most kids look forward to. It may come as a bit of a shock to find that much of the material being taught in the upper grades is a lot different than what they are used to. High school is no walk in the park, and for a few, this can be too overwhelming to cope with. Not only are the subjects harder, but there is a tremendous amount of homework to contend with each night, something most students are not used to. Once they have had time to adjust to the very different pace of high school, their studies may improve, but if not, it’s time for outside help.


Look for a tutor who is qualified to teach the particular subject that is causing a problem. It’s better to choose someone who is an expert in just one subject rather than someone who states that they can cover all material in many subjects. While this may be true, it’s better to have a tutor who specializes in just one area. It really doesn’t matter whether tutoring is done face-to-face or on-line, but many kids seem to get more out of the session if they are sitting right next to their tutor a few times a week. Just make sure you are selecting someone who has the ability and the personality needed to effectively communicate with your child. Don’t expect much from a session where the tutor just comes in a throws facts and figures at the student without taking the time to explain each one.



A college student is often the perfect choice because they are young enough to understand what your child is going through, and they may have once been in the very same position. There is normally no communication gap between the two, the student will be less intimidated and more willing to open up about what may be the underlying problem, and the lessons and teaching methods will easier to understand. Don’t expect overnight results or improvement, just be realistic about the matter, and your son or daughter should soon be right where they need to be in their studies.