For students, finding the right cell phone plan can be daunting. Complicating matters is the myriad of choices and different carriers to select from. Students want a plan to suite their needs and they want it cheap. They want to be able to pick up the phone without wondering if they have enough minutes. And they want to pay the bill without cringing and wondering where cut spending. This article will address both concerns.

Remember: Saving money as a student is very, very important!

Student Cell Phone Plans

Where to find Student Cell Phone Plans Online

With the internet, it is far easier to peruse student cell phone plans and select the ideal plan. In a matter of minutes you can view, rank and compare various student cell phone plans. Shopping online gives you a far greater range of options, and also more competitive pricing. Here's a list of websites to start you out: - T-Mobile does not offer any student plans but plans start at $30 - for $25 a month, receive unlimited texting and 300 minutes. For $40 a month, receive unlimited texting and 600 minutes. Upgrade to $60 a month and receive unlimited calling and texting. - Various plans, although none specifically targeted at students. Unique in that they offer a $35 texting only plan. - this is a site directed at Canadian students. They negotiate with major wireless providers in Canada to cut the best deals for students. Founded in 2001, this website is trustworthy, credible, and most importantly, CHEAP!


Fido - Prices vary from the basic $15 plan (50 texts, 50 minutes) all the way up to the $60 plan. See website for details. - owned by Telus, Koodo offers very basic plans from $15 a month

Bell - options from $25 to $40. - there are two options: The student 40 ($40) or the Student 55 ($55). The Student 40 plan offers 100 minutes, 100mb of data and unlimited text messaging. The Student 55 plan offers 200 minutes, 1gb of data and unlimited text messaging. - student cell phone plans start at $25 per month but can be upgraded. The $25 plan offers unlimited text messaging along with 400 anytime minutes each month. If this isn't enough, there are plenty more options.

Where to Find Student Cell Phone Plans Locally

There are many places worth checking out in your cell phone hunt. Browse around the different dealers to find the optimum plan. Malls are usually where the cell phone carriers are located.

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What's your stuent cell phone plan? Share in the comment section. Thanks for reading!