Student Dating

Student Dating Can Be Tricky

Student dating is a bit different than the kind that professional, working adults are involved in. One major reason is that a very large percentage of people in school are single, and many of them are looking for a relationship. This complicates things, but also opens up doors for opportunity. There are a tremendous amount of positives aspects to student dating too, and a few negatives too.

Student Dating: Find A Common Ground

First of all, those who are thrown together into classrooms actually have one thing in common right off the bat - the class that they are taking together. Right away, you have multiple points of discussion - you may ask a classmate about notes, the date when an assignment is due, or what one student thought of the class on a given day. This can be a great ice breaker for a conversation that does not sound as if one is looking for a date.

On the negative side, of course, is the fact that if you enter a relationship with a classmate and then eventually break up, you will have to face that person every day that you are in class. It also makes you become the point of gossip, unless it's handled discreetly and in a drama-free manner.

Student Dating: Groups Are Great

Another good side of student dating though is the fact that you can be in groups often without having to face the potential obstacle of being alone on your date (especially if you don't know the person very well yet). Going to school sporting events or a movie are good examples of group participation. Being in a group enables both of you to relax more with each other too, which is great for the "learning" stage of the relationship.

Student Dating: Don't Date Friend's Ex-Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Beware of dating your friend's ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, unless you have spoken to your friend at great length about it and are completely sure that it's the right thing to do. You don't want to lose your friend over a simple date, which is the chance you take when you date a friend's ex. It also can cause the rumor mill to fire up, which will certainly not help a new relationship grow.

Student Dating: Don't Cheat

Not only does cheating hurt your boyfriend or girlfriend, but it creates a situation that could haunt you beyond the current relationship. The chances are very good that you will eventually get caught cheating, and worse yet, your reputation as a cheater will certainly run through the people who know you. You may never get a chance to live down the fact that you cheated.

Student Dating: Be Safe

If you become sexually involved with someone, keep in mind that whether you are male or female, your entire life may change if you do not insist on using condoms. One slip is all that it takes, unfortunately. There are plenty of ways to have fun and be adventurous, but this is one area where you need to play it safe to avoid changing your entire life. If you're involved with student dating, chances are that you're still young and have a long life ahead of you. Take advantage of your youth and don't do anything that will compromise it.