Once a student enters high school, the preparation for college begins. Now, he or she may have no idea what their career choice will be at this point, nor will they have given much though to which university to attend. Those decisions will come a bit later, but the learning process begins in the first year of high school.

Some students study for the whole four years in preparation for the SAT and ACT College exams they will take in their senior year. Others prefer to wait until the junior year before giving this serious consideration. Whenever SAT prep begins, some students find they have no idea how to study for a test of this kind. These college prep tests are unlike any test the student may have taken during high school. Not only are they more difficult, but the test(s) are also timed, and this fact alone can be intimidating.

There are several sources of help that are readily available to assist with the SAT and ACT prep tests. It is up to the parent as well as the student to decide which option best suits the study needs. Scoring well on these tests will be a determining factor in whether a student gains admission to the college of his or her choice. Opportunities for scholarships or financial assistance may depend on these test scores.

It is a good idea to check around before deciding on which method of preparation is the best option. Some students do well with written materials designed for SAT and ACT prep, and find that they do better when left alone to study. Others find that structured study with the help of a tutor works well for them. Tutors are able to work one on one with the student, focusing on finding solutions to problem areas of study. The cost of the tutor will be justified when the student is well prepared to take, and achieve a high score on their test.

SAT and ACT scores play a very important part in college acceptance. Many schools will reject an application based on the SAT scores even if the student had a respectable GPA in high school. Preparing well, and in advance, of the actual SAT and ACT tests will put the student in a better position of gaining admittance to the school of choice. Scholarships, grants, and awards use the SAT scores when determining eligibility. If college is in the future, begin preparing now, so that when the time comes to take the tests, you will be ready.