Going to school and working is not a strange thing anymore, it is a necessity. No matter if it’s about high school or college, many students are searching for opportunities to widen their expertise, or simply earn some extra cash. However, this involves part-time commitment, so these students usually have some kind of criteria when they are searching for jobs. First, student jobs should be flexible, so they don’t have negative effects on the student’s education, and they should be paid well. On the other side, there are those who wish to improve their skills above all, and they usually accept to volunteer. Here are some of the most popular jobs students apply for, in order to earn more money.


This is definitely the most selected job, especially for high school students, who are still going through that phase where they should choose what to study in the future. The reason is usually money only, and they count on high tips. Nevertheless, there are many student jobs to choose from, beginning with quite cafés, fancy restaurants, fast-food restaurants, up to nightclubs. Some of these options can be physically demanding, so you should choose the best thing if you want to stay awake on class.


This requires some skills and knowledge in a particular area. For example, if you are good in Spanish of mathematics, you can offer classes to other students, and get paid for that. You can decide when to give classes and even have online sessions. It is even possible to get a job as daycare teacher and work with little kids. Although this is one of student jobs, you should do it the best you can in order to get more recommendations, and it would look really good in your resume in the future.

Online jobs

If you are looking for the most flexible job, here it is. There are many areas you can choose from, and you must be good at something. For instance, there are different writing jobs, where you get to work on articles, rewrites, essays, e-books, and many other contents. There are also web design jobs, where some extra skills are required, and online marketing jobs, where you can show the capability to “tell and sell”. These student jobs can be even a bonus for your future career, and the perfect way to do some serious practice.


Above all, it’s important to mention that this is type of non-medical aid, where you get to help older or disabled people with housekeeping, and offer them your companionship. On the other side, this can also involve babysitting, where you’ll get paid per hour. This is one of the most responsible student jobs since those people are practically depending on you, so there is no excuse for being late, or not showing up, at all.

Campus based jobs

If you are part of the campus and prefer staying near, there are many jobs you can do there, as well. Some of the most popular are librarians, cafeteria workers, campus tour guides, and so on. Anyway, you would not only earn something, but you’ll contribute to the college you are attending.


It is true that you shouldn’t think of the worst scenario, but in case you don’t get the scholarship, you should think of ways to earn more money. On the other hand, it’s about time to learn how great it feels when you earn and spend your own money. These jobs will be one of the most important parts of your life, when you are becoming grown-up, responsible person.