You may be looking for relief from your student loan debt and if this is true then there is some good news and some bad news that you must hear about. Most people like to hear the bad news first so that is what we'll start with here. To get the best student loan relief would mean that you could somehow get your student loan debt eliminated completely, and while this is a notion that may put a smile on your face, it is not a probable option unless you are an individual that can exemplify unique characteristics or circumstances.

To have your student loan debt completely eliminated you would have to either have it forgiven, or you would have to have it eliminated during a bankruptcy proceeding. The bankruptcy laws are written to make it extremely difficult for borrowers to have their student loan debt discharged, and it is very rare for a student loan to ever be discharged as a result of a bankruptcy. This does not mean that it is an impossibility, and it just means that if you want to get the best student loan relief possible a bankruptcy may not be the best option and in the end it could just be a big waste of your time.

The next way to have your debt eliminated is via loan forgiveness, as this is when the lender will not require you to payback any of the money you owe them and instead will "forgive" you from having to repay any of the loan. Lenders only do this when the borrower becomes the subject of some very serious extenuating circumstances such as an acute illness or even death. Each kind of student loan and every lender has different policies in regard to student loan forgiveness so it is always best to contact your own lender to see what their exact policies are in regard to forgiving some of your student loan debt.

There is actually another way to completely eliminate your student loan debt besides bankruptcy and forgiveness, and this method has to do when your employer or the government pays off some of your student loan debt in exchange for your ability to work in certain areas of the country. Certain employers and government agencies will reimburse you for a portion of your student loan debt after you complete a work stay at one of their accepted locations. The most classic examples of this involve medical doctors that the government needs to practice in certain rural areas throughout the country where there has been a shortage of medical care and qualified professionals.

Certain employers will also be able to provide you with some student loan debt relief if you are willing to follow-through on an a particular offer that they may be providing to you. Certain kinds of employers require professionals that can work in specific areas of the country much like the government needs such help and if you are willing to move and relocate then you may be in contention for such an offer.

You will typically need to be a professional of some kind to become qualified for either of these options, and it is important to research what programs may be available to you so that you can compare and contrast your options going forward. These have been just a few of the ways that you can seek out student loan relief, and while not meant to be comprehensive, these are some of the only ways that you can have your debt completely eliminated. If you think that you may be eligible for one of these options then by all means continue to do some further research and maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones that can get their student loan debt eliminated so continue to stay persistent and never give up.

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