Is University the best option


Tuition Fees and Your Degree

Tuition fees for students attending University will continue to stir up emotions of the debt that each student accumulates.

One question that each Student and the parents of students should be asking is


“Will the degree have any value when entering the job market?”

Every student should have the right to further education no matter what background they come from and without money being an obstacle; the only entry should be exam results.

The financial burden of that choice should not fall onto the taxpayer,

As a Country we obviously need professional qualified people of the highest standard which will eventually be in a very good position to pay off their student loan.

What we cannot afford are students who leave the University of no fundamental Use to them or the Country.

University should never become the resting place for young people before they enter the work force.

 Dr.Richard Vedder  had an article published in The Chronicle of Higher Education dated October 2010 that over 317,000 waiters and waitresses had University degrees and also added that graduates were beginning to outnumber job vacancies in the U.S.A.


There are 3 questions that seriously need to be answered before our young Men and Women enter university


(For the student)

“Why am I going to university and will my degree be worthwhile when I eventually look for work?”


(For the Parents)

“Will my Son and Daughter benefit from University or just inherit a debt”


(For the University)

“Will the courses we offer put our students in a strong position in the work place?”

If these three questions are addressed correctly we may eventually clear Universities of useless degree courses that have no value to the student or the Country.

At one time when young people left School they went into the workplace and then studied at Day release or Night School, the benefit to both the School lever and the Employer was that they had qualified and trained personnel.

In the United Kingdom there is a shortage of skilled tradesmen and an abundance of young people who leave the University at the age of Twenty-one or even older who will have no skills that will benefit them or the Country.

Twenty-one is a very difficult age to start learning a profession or trade, when the possibility that School levers will work for less pay while they are being trained.


After 2 hard years from the stress from A levels take some time to study the course you are considering and ask yourself “Could I do better and do I deserve better”