If you want to study English, a great place to do that is Boston, Massachusetts, a city where there are a number of great ESL programs to choose from. Tourists, travelers, business men and women, and students from all across the globe come to Boston each year to further their connections, their education, and pursue their life goals. ESL in Boston is a step towards making those dreams happen. Why not study English at a great city in the United States?

Why Choose Boston to Study English?

Boston has long been a city known for its educational, research, finance, and medical authority. It has a strong banking and investment communitiy, world class hospitals and medical centers, and a number of ESL-Boston-Study English-In-Bostonhigh tech companies in many fields. Boston is an entrepreneurial city, where international business people come to explore networking opportunities in finance, biotechnology, medicine, and a variety of green technologies. 

In and around Boston, you will find such fine educational institutions as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University (including the Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School), Radcliffe College, Boston University, Boston College, Brandeis Univerity, Tufts University, New England Conservatory of Music, Emerson College, Northeastern University, Berklee College of Music, Suffolk University, Boston Conservatory, and more. Each year the students at these and other institutions bring a renewed vitality to the city in many areas. 

So if you come to Boston to study, be sure to increase your English language skills so that you can take advantage of everything your school has to offer. All standardized English exams are available in Boston -- exams like the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Langauge) and other that you can take after you complete your ESL course. If you arrive in Boston to do business, it’s to your benefit to pursue ESL to increase your opportunities and develop great, lasting business contacts and associates. 

History and Culture in Boston, Massachusetts, and in New England

Founded in 1630, Boston has many great historical, cultural, and arts attractions. Historic locations from the American Revolution like Bunker Hill, the location of the Boston Tea Party, plus sites like Plymouth, Concord, Lexington and more are just a short ride away from the city. Boston itself is filled with great museums, galleries, restaurants, music (including cool jazz clubs like Scullers, ReggattaBar, Ryles, and more). Live opera, theatre, or a visit to Symphony Hall to see the BSO will make you fall in love with Boston. 

For professional sports, the city is home to great baseball with the Boston Red Sox, hockey with the Bruins, basketball with the Celtics, and football with the New England Patriots. With its subway system, and other public transportation, Boston is an easy city for mass transit travelers. Enjoy the cities parks, waterways, libraries, and more as you study ESL.


ESL programs in Boston will help you meet your short and long-term personal, educational, and business goals. You will be able to take advantage of everything the city has to offer if you increase your English language skills. Learning English is a great first step on your journey, and Boston is a great place to take that step.

ESL in Boston, MA, USA

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