Study Guitar By Using The Internet

You canlearn to play the guitar better by using the Internet since it can be a great place to find information about how to play the guitar. There are many websites that are full of quality, useful information. You don't want to rely on the Internet for everything because some of the information is not accurate. Many sites feature tablature that has been done by guitarists who don't know what they are doing, and provide the wrong information. Sometimes to get what you want, you really have to search.

There are a lot of YouTube videos on playing the guitar and many of those are very well made with correct information. You will also find YouTube videos that contain information that is not correct and done by a guitarist who doesn't know what he or she is doing. So to make the Internet useful to you as a learning guitarist, you really have to have some basic knowledge yourself about playing guitar. You can pick up bad habits from sloppy players online as you learn how to play guitar.


Avoid Schemes About Instant Results

Many of the pay sites that DONT say "learn guitar in 30mins" are good because they hire real qualified teachers. You should check them out if you can't afford lessons with a teacher. There is a lot of good, accurate free information and at the same time lots of inaccurate information, so be careful. If you are informed, you will grow as an artist. I wish I had the Internet growing up since its great to be able to learn how to play the guitar online.

A Teacher Matters

If you are a beginning guitar player, the best thing you can do to kick start your learning is to find a qualified guitar teacher. While it is true you can learn from the Internet, you need a teacher to learn about proper technique and the basics. A good teacher will show you the proper fingerings for chords, scales, and help you develop accuracy. This can be difficult on your own, if you are new and don't really know what you are doing. Once you improve, the Internet will become more useful to you. A teacher is there to help you, so ask questions and get the most out of your lessons. You can learn to play guitar better by using the years of experience a guitar teacher can give you.

Practice All The Time

Don't become a lazy guitarist and not practice very much. You need daily practice to develop and keep your technique. Try to aim for 30mins or more each day and stick to it. Make sure you have a work area where you won't be distracted and write down a llst of what you want to accomplish. If you can afford it get some kind of recording device and record yourself playing. This method will allow you to hear your problem areas and mistakes. Buy a metronome to help you keep time, and a drum machine is also helpful.

Break down music you have trouble with into very small sectiions and practice each section slowly until it is perfect. Go bar by bar until you get everything down.and try to be as accurate as you can possibly be.

Set aside some time to improvise and make up your own material. Playing other musicians songs is fine, but at some point you need to make your own. At first this will sound terrible but you will get better. Try to write down what you played so you can look at it later, or record it.

Jam With Others, Often!

You can really improve your playing by getting into a jam with other guitar players. You will probably first do this with your guitar teacher if you have one. You learn so much when you jam, and of course it helps you keep time. Your first jams will sound terrible but keep at it. This is the single most important thing a guitarist can do to improve. You can also use jam tracks on the Internet to practice solos and other techniques. Start playing with others as soon as you can.