Every college student NEEDS good study habits! One of the biggest hurdles for any college student is learning the proper way to study.  There are so many other things like friends, parties, and even having a job that can get in the way of good study habits.  In order to get through college with flying colors there are some study habits that you can start using right now to make studying easier for you.

Get a Study Buddy

If you have problems being motivated to study; then get yourself a study buddy.  This person will meet you at an allotted time and place so that the two of you can complete your homework and study assignments.  By having someone to study with, you are being held accountable for what you need to do and in turn you hold them accountable.  The other great thing about studying with someone is that they may be stronger in the subject than you are and can help you in areas where you are having difficulties.  By having a study buddy; the chance of collegiate success doubles.

Scheduled Study Time

College LibraryCredit: photo credit: Christopher Chan via photo pin ccOnce you have started taking your classes and have reviewed the syllabus; you can set up scheduled times to study.  This time is flexible based on your schedule and when assignments are due.  For example, if you have Chemistry on Monday and your assignments are due next Monday; then your scheduled study and homework times could be Wednesday and Thursday from 12:00 to 2:00 or longer if needed.  This is provided you don’t have any classes during that time period.  Now some students will schedule study time all day once a week or two hours daily.  This is totally up to you, but by scheduling that time in advance, you are committing to taking your studying seriously.

Quiet Please

When it’s time to study; more important than having the proper study material is the place where you choose to study.  Find a place that is quiet or with as little noise as possible (your college library) for example.  Most students can concentrate better if they are not constantly being distracted by loud roommates or music from the room next door.  This will be invaluable to ensure that you have a good understanding of the material that you are trying to comprehend.  So do yourself a favor and find a place where you can have a few hours of uninterrupted peace and study, study, study!

A Little Music Maestro

If you can’t find a quiet place to study; then let the music play.  Put your headphones on and turn on some mellow music and let the studying begin.  Try to stay away from anything too loud as this could impose on your session.  Many students claim that slow classical music is the best type of music to use in this pursuit. 

Take Good Notes

First of all it goes without saying that you should attend as many classes as possible so that you can gain adequate knowledge of your subject matter.  What’s more important than that is taking good notes.   Many professors don’t teach from the text, instead they lecture and expect you to write down or record what they talking about.  So pay attention and engage in the class.  Ask questions to ensure understanding and then review your notes during your scheduled study time.  When it gets close to exam time; pay extra attention to your note taking.  Be sure to ask your professor if in doubt, whether or not you should write something down.  Sometimes information is just for your edification and nothing more.  The added bonus to taking notes is that some professors actually allow you to use your notes during tests.

As a college student you are now expected to be independent.  By going to college you are taking a step towards true adulthood.  The career of your future is but a degree away so make the most of your time.  By making studying a habit, you can successfully affect the outcome of your college tenure.  Take good notes, find good music to soothe your mind, locate a quiet place, schedule study time, and find someone to study with.  By using these study habits you will have the secret to getting through college with the best grades possible and onto the rest of your life.

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