Top students study smart and study hard.

They do not spend hours and hours studying, yet they ace the class.

How do you study smart? Is it enough to study smart?

The fact is that you need to study smart and study hard. There is no way you can pass the examination if you do not work hard.

Most of us do not have photogenic memories. Most of us cannot repeat word for word after reading the whole textbook.

How do you study smart?

1. Past examination questions

Most students look at the past examination questions before they sit for examination.

That is why they do not score well. They choose the wrong time.

The right time to look at the past examination questions is before the lesson starts.

For example, the next lesson is on human resource development. You can check the past examination questions before you attend the lecture.

The lecturer will ask for questions before he ends the lesson. Instead of thinking what to ask, you can simply ask the past examination questions. Remember to write down his answers.

2. Listen carefully in class

All lecturers have a few pet questions.

When you listen carefully in class, you will notice that the lecturer repeats a certain keyword or main point.

That is the important part. Since the lecturer thinks that part of the lesson is important, he will repeat several times.

For example, the lecturer keeps on emphasizing the importance of Training Needs Analysis. You can bet that one question in the examination will be Training Needs Analysis.

3. Understand the lesson

You need to understand the lesson.

The technical part is not as important as the concept.

If you get the concept wrong, you will not pass the examination.

At the college level, the why question are more important than the how or what question. Once you understand the concept, you can learn the how and what.

4. Real life example

You must always ask your lecturer for real life example.

Theories that are not workable are useless. You can ask the lecturer to give example of how to apply the theory in real life.

You will not regret asking this question. The lecturer expects you to give real life examples to support your understanding in college examination.

5. Best time to study

The best time to study is when you are alert.

If you are a morning person, you can sleep early and wake up early to study.

If you are an evening person or even a midnight person, you need to study in the evening or midnight. You can sleep in the afternoon, so that you are alert and fresh for studying at night.

6. Light exercise before study

It is good to go for a light exercise session before study.

You can go for a 20-minutes run before you return to the textbook. The exercise session improves your blood circulation, so that you can remember better.

7. Fruits and vegetables

Never eat junk food when you are facing a stressful period in your life.

Since examination is a stressful period in your life, you need to quit junk food during this time.

You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables to help you stay healthy. You will find that junk food makes you tired and sleepy. The fresh fruits and vegetables help you stay alert.

8 lemon juice

Drink lemon juice instead of coffee to keep you alert.

The best is to drink a glass of ice-cold lemon juice. The coldness and acidic properties will make you feel good.

It is important to study smart and study hard. A short session of studying is better than a long session of studying.

You can always break up a study session into many shorter sessions. For example, you study for 30 minutes and go for 30 minutes walk. This helps to improve memory, and absorption of new information.