The Perfect Article

Well you have finally done it. You have written the definitive article on some extremely important subject. Not only have you put in print the finest words ever written about this subject, but you made sure to do all the important stuff. 

Yes Sir! You spent hours doing research to find the latest information. More hours searching the slam bang finest longtail keyword phrases that have ever seen the light of day. You made sure to follow all those SEO rules.

Let's see. Keyword in the title. Keyword in the first sentence of the first paragraph. Keyword in the last paragraph and a 2% overall keyword density throughout the article. Yep. Just as it should be. By golly this article would make a first rate doctoral thesis. Wow what if the Pulitzer committee gets hold of this thing. Gonna have to get a tuxedo for the presentation.

Just a matter of checking my daily stats to see how much traffic this article gets. Should not be long. There are already three views this morning. But that's probably mom and sis and my barber. I asked them to take a look.

So you religiously check your daily stats and amazingly you find that after a short time no one is reading your prized article. How can this be? Where have you gone wrong? All that traffic you imagined has not appeared. Welcome to the internet.

Writing Alone Does Not Guarantee Success

Authors who produce short stories, articles and even novels in the off line world realize that simply writing something worthwhile does not guarantee success. In most cases they will hire an agent to promote their work to publishers. Yet even this does not always get their works published. Sometimes it just takes time and effort. Producing the written work is sometimes the easy part. Getting it in front of readers can be difficult . So it is on the internet.

However on the internet in most cases, you will not need an agent. You will not have to wear out your shoes visiting potential publishers. If you have done everything right when you produced your work, sometimes you only need a little traction to get that work in front of millions of potential viewers.

To get that extra “push” you will probably need to build backlinks to your article and also submit it to social sites. Building backlinks is usually not a welcome task for most authors. They would rather be producing more written work than chasing backlinks.

Fortunately there are a number of ways to get your articles noticed without much effort. One of those methods is to use a program called Stumbleupon. This program can be very effective and is also one of the easiest to use.

To get started you open a free account at Stumbleupon. Then you download a toolbar for your browser. One of the best is the add on for the Firefox browser and you can find it easily by doing a Google search for the Stumbleupon Firefox addon. With a few clicks it is installed and ready for use.

Now you simply open various sites in your browser. In the toolbar you have a button labeled “I Like It”. When you click this it opens a pop up where you add a few tags and a short dStumbleupon I Like It  ButtonCredit: Stumbleuponescription and then click a button to complete the action and you have “stumbled” a site. You can stumble websites, blogs, Squidoo lens and Infobarrel articles.

You can “stumble” your own sites and articles. This is very important for your Infobarrel articles. Using this technique to “stumble” your own Infobarrel articles should bring you extra traffic. To get even more traffic you would need to get others to “stumble” your articles as well.

This is where the members of Infobarrel could work together to help each other make our articles more popular and visible.  Each day set aside 10 minutes. Find several articles from the Infobarrel sites and “stumble” them. Then “stumble” one or two of your own articles. You do not want to only “stumble” your personal articles because this in not natural and you could have your account canceled.

By helpingStumble Upon Review BoxCredit: Stumbleupon other Infobarrel authors you are helping yourself to build a solid Stumbleupon account. There are thousands of well written articles here that you can easily “stumble” and you would most likely find that others are in return “stumbling” your articles. Working together increases everyones potential for success.

Using Infobarrel works well because all of the published articles here have met very high standards in order to be published. When you choose these articles to “stumble” you know you are recommending quality content. This is not like so many backlinking programs where you are asked to promote other sites, irregardless of the quality of the content. This is backlinking the way it should be done.

So why not help yourself by helping others? Start a program of “stumbling” other Infobarrel authors every day and do a few of yours at the same time. Will this bring you more traffic? As with anything you do in business, to check it's effectiveness you need to test. “Stumble” some of your articles and compare the results with those you have not yet promoted.

Of course there are many variables that you can not control when comparing articles, but over time testing in this manner will give you a good idea of how effective this process is. There is really no downside to this activity. Even if you found that after a month there did not seem to be any difference in traffic to the articles that have been “stumbled” the only thing you have invested is a few minutes a day.

A side benefit is you may find that you gain some valuable experience as you view articles written by other Infobarrel authors that you otherwise might not have found. Nothing improves your writing skills more than reviewing the work of other successful authors.

Take Your Articles For A Stumble

Why not  “stumble” in your business?   But  make it a positive “stumble”  and put Stumbleupon to work for you and bring other Infobarrel authors along with you.

This short video will demonstrate the process.