Getting married in today's economy means analyzing every detail and coming up with a creative alternative.  One great way to save money is by making your own centerpieces for the wedding tables.  It's not necessary to have fresh flowers at every table to make people feel like they're experiencing something special.  When there is true love between a bride and a groom, that takes center stage, and all the trimmings fade into the background.  Still, you don't want to neglect decorations.  With a little research, you can find plenty of low-budget ideas for all aspects of your wedding celebration, from the ceremony to the reception.  Here are a few tips to get you started on creative ways to decorate the wedding tables for less.

The Art of Marriage

With some real art skill, DIY wedding centerpieces can make a stunning impact.  Here are some unusual ideas to consider:DIY Wedding Centerpieces

  • ornately dyed and decorated eggshells in nests or baskets (for an Easter or spring wedding)
  • intricate origami flowers or other figures
  • beaded picture frames with family photographs
  • simple branches, weeds, grasses, or flowers in decorated bottles or vases

Enlist the help of an artsy friend if you don't have the skills yourself.  You could also take the required art or craft courses at a local art studio, craft store, or community college, if you have enough time.  While you will most likely have to pay for such a course, you may save in the long run by making your own decorations.

Sentimental Journeys

A great idea is to set up photos of the bride and groom at different ages at each of the tables.  This encourages the guests to mingle and visit each table to look at the different photos.  Inexpensive but lovely frames can be purchased for next to nothing, or you can decorate frames with beads (as above).

You could also make small displays of mementos from the relationship (if you have kept them), along with a story about what each represents.  For example, you could mount movie ticket stubs from a first date on a decorative background, along with a beautifully handwritten paragraph about that date.  Do you remember when you found the litter of Russian Blue kittens for sale and purchased one as a couple?  These relationship memories can be framed or placed underneath a glass tabletop to share with your guests.  A simple candlestick could complete the display.

Use Candles

While candles are not unusual or expensive, they can sometimes appear too plain.  There are many ways to make budget candle displays appear more creative.  Just remember to use unscented candles at dining tables, and always make sure that open flames are protected from napkins or other items at the table that could catch fire.  You can do this by using hurricane lamps, other special holders, or by using candles that are high enough to be out of the way of the table surface.

You can group various candles on a glass candle plate or some type of tray.  Experiment with various sizes and shapes in the same color family, or use one large candle surrounded by small votives or tea lights in a contrasting color.  Another idea is to put ordinary candles in unusual holders: antique silver candlesticks, handmade pottery, bottles with sand paintings, or floating candles in colored water.

Make use of the Internet to get further ideas, now that your creative juices are flowing.  Whether you are looking for more wedding ideas or shopping for Russian blue kittens for sale, there is plenty of information available to you.