Solar Fibre Optic Grass Strands

If you would like to try something different for garden decking lights, then you should check out the latest in tall grass fibre optic solar lights. 

These are a really cool and an affordable way to add subtle lighting to your deck or garden without using electricity.  Solar garden decking lights have come a really long way in the last few years.  You are no longer restricted to those path lights there are all kinds of new ways to light up your deck, patio and garden.

Solar panels on these lights are much smaller and they don’t need the same amount of daylight to absorb as they used to.  Just a few hours of daylight and they will give off patio lighting for hours, extending your entertainment on your deck or patio.

These particular solar fibre optic grass strands, look just like tall reeds.  By having a few strategically placed planters filled with grasses is a great way to show off these lights.  All you have to do is place them in the flower pots or planters in such a way that they will still absorb some light and yet give off a glow that goes 2 feet around. 

They come in a set of 3, and are a brilliant way to show off your back deck, patio or even in the garden.  If you get a few of these sets and then set them up in your garden, your evening hours will look stunning.  They hide by day amongst the grasses and reeds but come to life at night.

So, if you are looking for garden decking lights that are something differegarden decking lightsnt, artistic and a great way to light up your space without looking like an obvious light, then consider shopping for fibre optic grass strands for your garden decking lights.  These stand 1.2 feet tall and can be formed to work with your garden or space. Wild Grass Solar Garden Lights. A Set of 3 Sprigs of 1.2 Foot Tall Grass Lights.

These look really cool in deck planters.  Imagine entertaining your guests with a great barbeque and your planters are filled with reeds and flowers that look nice by day, and then to your guest’s surprise, some of the grasses or reeds start to light up and give off a really nice glow.

You don’t have to depend on lights that look like lights you can hide your lighting amongst your gardens, planter pots, and any other creative way you can think of.  As long as they can absorb some light during the day, these look stunning by night.

Technology, especially in the solar garden decking lights, has come a long way.  Take the time to check out the latest in solar gadgets and ideas for your yard this year.  You don’t have to run expensive wiring, and you can reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

If you don’t see too much variety at your local garden center or lighting store, then consider shopping online at such sites as Amazon.  There is a lot of variety online. 

So, if you are wanting something different for your back deck, porch, patio or anything in your garden, consider getting solar garden decking lights, that look just like plants.  Fit them in your planter pots and watch them glow tonight.  Also see outdoor gazebo lighting for more decorative backyard ideas this year.