Prom is a very special event in everybody's life. People want to look back to that magical moment in their lives with a smile on their faces because they looked fantastic and fabulous, not because they looked like clowns.

It is not enough to wear the perfect dress and to go with the perfect date to the prom. It is equally important to wear the perfect makeup.

So if you want to look ravishing in your prom night, here are some great prom makeup ideas and tips that you should consider.

If you want to look at your date with sexy, sultry eyes, you should use black eye shadow around your eyes, especially in the creased area on the bottom part of your eye lid.

Apply neutral colors with silver or bronze shimmer all around your eyes to make your eyes look more dramatic. Be sure not to overdo the black shadow or you will end up looking like an emo raccoon.

One great tip is to add body shimmer. Body shimmer looks great especially on a nice bronze skin. You will look like a goddess in any prom dress that you want to wear.

Glitter is okay but it is more childish than sexy. Body shimmer is very sexy and sophisticated that will make you look more grown up.

If you are going to put makeup by yourself and you think you are good at it, you might want to choose the perfect foundation makeup. It should be something that will look good and natural on your skin, especially when it is time for taking prom pictures.

You do not want to look like a geisha or a mime on your prom night. It is not a costume party so try not to look like you are wearing a costume makeup.

One of the best prom makeup ideas and tips is to go light on the lips if you are planning to have dramatic eyes. Natural colored lips with lip gloss will look great with dramatic eyes.

If you want people to notice your eyes, then go ahead and make the windows of your soul standout. But if you want to emphasize your lips, you should go light on your eyes and use rich colored lipstick.

What is great about these prom make up ideas and tips is that you can also use them to apply makeup for other occasions or parties. They are tips that you can use to make you stand out among the rest wherever you go.