While most brides prefer to look like a fairy tale princess on her wedding day, the more conservative tend to lean towards modest wedding dresses that give one a pure and clean look.

Most people think modest wedding dresses only come in the same basic cut and only differ in the accents and amount of beadwork involved. However, that is not actually the case.

The good news is that being modest does not necessarily mean you have to wear a boring and unattractive dress. There are now a lot of wedding dresses that combine modesty, fashion and elegance in their design. Here are some tips in choosing the wedding dress that's just right for you.

Most modest wedding gowns are short-sleeved, princess cut gowns. The beauty of the gown is often seen in the beadwork and the flow of the skirt. The modesty is defined in the fact that it is now too low cut or cleavage revealing.

The key is in choosing a dress styled in a cut that flatters your figure and, which has accents that emphasize your best features. It is equally important to choose a dress that you are most comfortable in; remember that you will probably be in this dress for more than three hours.

If you happen to be a guest in a wedding where the bride is known to be on the conservative side, be sure to choose a modest attire for yourself, to be sure that you will not be in any danger of taking attention away from the bride. A pretty, short-sleeved, knee-length cocktail dress in pastel shades would probably work best.

The best thing about choosing a modest wedding dress is that it shows off the bride's beauty instead of competing with it. It literally shifts the focus away from the dress itself and onto the bride, who is, after all, the star of the show. Plus, you want all your guests to be looking at your face and eyes and not at your body anyway.

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