UroClub - the only club guaranteed to keep you out of the woods

Maybe this golf club is a big hit in Europe or the planet Uranus, but I'm just baffled by the logic behind this product. Seriously, are you really going to fool anyone by standing with a towel over your grip, gripping your little guy, and shaking off before zipping up and storing your urine in your golf bag? The dudes in the video are not very convincing with their half-hearted attempt to camo the call of nature. 

Made from non-porous material with a triple ring seal, this 7 iron looking club holds 1/2 a liter which is twice the standard measure of relief. Importantly, the Uroclub was designed by a board certified urologist with too much time on his hands (or maybe a bladder problem).

If you really need a Uroclub you can get them for $19.95 plus shipping from the distributor in Florida. Sadly, they are NOT available either new or used from Amazon. 

The golf club you can pee in

Golf Ball Finding Glasses

Can't find your own balls?  Than you need the golf ball finding glasses. They are supposed to block out the green grass and make light colored objects like white golf balls stand out.

These magic glasses can help the golfer spend less time looking for his balls, avoid penalty stokes for lost balls and they double as funky sunglasses.

Warning though - the glasses don't help find balls hit out of sight, deep in the woods, or that have sunken into the water traps.  For all these situations, you are on your own.

Joke Golf Toilet Paper Gag Gift for a Golfer

golf toilet paper

Headed for the 19th hole?  Then you'll need this joke tissue for golfers. It's bathroom humor, literally, so don't expect too much with the joke potty tissue for golfers. Ya, so if you really want to tell your favorite golfer their game stinks you'll want to order a case of this golf themed toilet tissue from Amazon.

Pink Golf Ball Sack Gag Gift for Golfers

Golf ball sack for girls in hot pink
Credit: Amazon

Sure to completely offend your lovely lady, gifting this pink ball sack will ensure your own balls go unattended for months. On the bright side, at least you'll have plenty of time to golf with your buddies, but you better plan to eat at the course because you can't expect dinner when you get home.

The pink ball sack comes with a clip so it can be proudly displayed on her golf bag and it is nicely stitched with "girls need balls to golf".  The pink golf ball sack, with a couple of pink balls, is available for about $15 at Amazon. If you want a more traditionally tasteless gift, the ball sack also comes in regular and senior versions for offending your male friends with. 

Pick Ball Sack as a Gift

Pink Ball Sack JadeDragon 2014-04-20 1.0 0 5

Potty Putter Putting Mat Golf Game

Potty Putter Putting Mat Golf GameSometimes a photo really is worth a thousand words. There just is not much to say about this stupid golf gift that the photo does not already say. Accessorize with the game themed toilet paper and for the full effect get yourself a game themed toilet tissue holder too.

EZ Drinker Toilet Golf - Putter Practice in the Bathroom Toy with this Potty Putter
Amazon Price: $3.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 28, 2016)
Not as good a picture as the guy sitting there playing with himself but still tells the story.

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