Fishing in Idaho is very popular. Fishing is popular her in Idaho not just with the locals but also the many tourists who come to Idaho each year to catch some of our Idaho fish. Fishing in Idaho is very fun. You can catch everything from small perch, crappie, and trout clear up to massive prehistoric sturgeon.

As vast and varied as the fishing in Idaho is nothing is as notorious as the salmon run;. Each year during the salmon season people from all walks of life come to Idaho to give a try at fly fishing and bagging their salmon limit.

Th best brook trout in the world come from Idaho. Idaho is home to many types of fish. For a die hard fisherman nothing beats a trip to Idaho to sample our fishing. If you want to catch huge fish then Idaho is a great place to try your hand at getting a record.

Here is s sampling of some of the fishing records for the State of Idaho as recorded officially by the Idaho State Department Of Fish and Game.

  • Flathead catfish 58lbs 8 oz
  • Carp 41 lbs 14.4 oz
  • Sturgeon (Caught With Rod and Reel) 394 Pounds
  • Sturgeon (Set Line) 675 Pounds
  • Walleye 17lbs 12 oz
  • Rainbow Trout 20lbs .02 oz
  • Steelhead 30 lbs 2oz
  • Bluegill 3lbs 8 oz

You can still legally fish for Sturgeon in places such as the American Falls area along the Snake river but you are not allowed to harvest the sturgeon. You can only hook them and reel them to the surface, snap a quick picture and then cut the line. You CAN NOT take the sturgeon out of the water. If you have never fished for sturgeon you will be surprised at the massive size of these monsters. I find fishing to be fun and relaxing. Catching sturgeon is neither fun or relaxing. Oh sure when you first hook the sturgeon and it looks like your pole is going to break and this Loch Ness monster style fish is jumping out of the water and then diving back down to the bottom you may think it is fun. Everybody standing there watching you in total amazement.

Hooking a sturgeon always attracts a huge crowd. They will cheer you on like it is a Superbowl and you are the hero quarterback. With that said fishing for sturgeon in sucks. After 2-3 minutes your body is groaning as your muscles are stretched to their limits. After 20 minutes of fighting a 3-10 foot monster sturgeon you are drenched in sweat. I was actually cheering for the sturgeon HOPING he would get loose.

Your bodies drenched in sweat, your heart is beating faster than you thought possible and you are glad when it is over. If you catch it cool. If You don't catch it that's cool too. Fighting a massive sturgeon is the HARDEST thing you can reel in when fishing the freshwater's of Idaho.

Brook Trout are more my thing. No fight, easy to catch, easier to cook, and very tasteful.