Riding to Sturgis for the annual biker rally is a major event for many people. You got the people who will carry their bike in a trailer and then ride it around Sturgis but many people will not trailer a bike to Sturgis. These bikers will ride their Harley Davidson motorcycles to Sturgis regardless of how far they live.

Sturgis BikerEach year as the week of the Sturgis biker rally nears you will see motorcycles from all over the United States and Canada cruising towards the biker mecca of Sturgis. This year the Sturgis rally will start on August 9th and run until August 15th.

At Sturgis you will see all types of bikers. From the Hells Angels to the "Old Pharts". From hard core outlaw bikers to the recreational rider. From 883 Sportsters to $100,000 plus custom choppers. From old Bobbers to even Honda Goldwings.

The Sturgis Biker Rally is chocked full of events. Concerts, bike shows, dancing with the women, bike racing, bike rodeos, bike stunts, drinking, eating, and of course partying. There is no way you can see everything at Sturgis. It is much to big with many different events occurring simultaneously.

Even with a down economy the 2010 Sturgis Rally is expected to have a record number of bikers in town. This is due in part by the new TV show on TruTV called "Full Throttle Saloon". Hundreds of Mount Rushmorethousand of bikers each year attend the biker rally In Sturgis. There is no way to accurately count all of the bikers who ride or trailer into town for the annual event.

Many bikers will look down on you if you do not ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle to the rally. Wiser and more experienced bikers will say "Run What Ya Brung!". If the only way you can get to the Sturgis Rally is by an old Kawasaki dirt bike then take it. It's great to experience Sturgis even if you do not have a motorcycle. Odds are you will have a motorcycle in time for the next Sturgis Rally in 2011.

Near Sturgis South Dakota is the town of Custer. In Custer you will find "the Flintstones BedRock City theme park and campground. The Flintstones BedRock City theme park and campground is a fun place to visit anytime but during the week of the Sturgis Rally the place is packed. Nothing funnier than seeing a hardcore outlaw biker posing with Fred and Barney Flintstone for a picture.

Everybody likes the Flintstones and everybody likes Sturgis. Even the guy on the old Kawasaki dirt bike.

Image Credits: (Flickr/sar1450)