Bathroom vanity units really come in all different price ranges as well as styles. Your budget can determine this style but you can also find almost any theme at any price point. In fact, you can even makeover what you already have to work with a totally new look if you're on a budget.
If you have wooden bathroom furniture then you might really want to match your bathroom vanity units to this. For instance you could just paint out all of your shelving and mirror frames in a bright white and then also paint your vanity the same color. This is going to seem very casual or it can also be modern depending on the rest of the color palettes that you use in the room. If you want something traditional then try a shade of brown. This doesn't have to be dark and dreary and you can go with a basic tan or gold kind of color.

If you want a new bathroom design then you really can consider the architecture of your space. For instance, you can get a farmhouse style cabinet. This would look like a piece of furniture with a stone top. It would also have an oversized basin. You can have paneling or molding on the vanity that you can add yourself to give it a little bit more character. This is also going to be totally different than pedestal sinks which are a popular style. These look great in small spaces but it really doesn't provide you with a lot of storage space. You can just take the basic cupboard style and really try to make it something special by integrating it into your overall design.

One thing to keep in mind when painting bathroom cabinets is to really make it look cohesive. For instance you could add in a lot of cabinetry over and under your sink. This is going to give you more of the look of a hutch. This is going to work a lot better in larger bathrooms but it can also take the place of a linen closet if you aren't lucky enough to have one of those.

In contemporary bathroom design it's really popular to have a free standing cabinet. This can be affixed to the wall or it can just be on legs. You can really complete this look with a vessel sink with a modern or waterfall faucet. You might be surprised how inexpensive these fixtures can be if you shop carefully. It can be very trendy so you want to make sure that it's something that you want to stay with for a few years but it's a way to get a crisp and fresh look in your room.

Another really important consideration in bathroom vanity units is to consider the size of the piece. If you have a double vanity you want might want to look for a lighter color or a color that really blends more into the wall color just so that it doesn't overtake the space. You could also match it directly to the tile or pull out colors from the stone to use as your paint colors. This is really going to give you a lighter look in the space. If you have a very grand bathroom then your vanity is probably going to be the focal point so you can really bring this out with black granite and cherry wood finishes.

Not only is this style of cabinetry that you choose important it's also important to create a very cohesive look. A great way to do this is just to match your mirror and your lighting to the overall feeling of the vanity.

If you have Tuscan bathroom vanity units then you really are going to want to make sure that you can bring the rich look in the rest of your room. You should go with lighter paint colors that still have a sense of warmth to them such as a tan or a taupe. This is really going to highlight a darker wood vanity. Then you can go with oil rubbed bronze faucets as well as lighting fixtures. You can match the cherry wood color of the vanity with oil rubbed bronze lighting and amber shades. The light fixture should also have a lot of scrollwork to it just so that it doesn't seem too modern.

If you have more of a modern look then you can keep things really sleek. This is perfect for vanities affixed directly to the wall. In this case you want to go with either a stainless steel or a chrome metal tone. You can just find very simple faucets and these are usually the least expensive. You can be a little bit dramatic with your lighting but you probably just want to stay away from frosted glass and then change up the shape a little bit by bringing in some squares on the shades. This is one of the least expensive styles but it also works very well for smaller spaces just because everything is so simplistic.

You can also go with more of a beach inspired theme in this area of your bathroom. You could find a mirror with a mosaic around it. This can coordinate with any tile that you have in the space. Even if it has a mother-of-pearl feeling this is going to relate to any white pieces that you have in the room. In this case you want your vanity to be a little bit more neutral so you can just paint it out in a bright white or a sand color.

When deciding whether or not your cupboards should be the focal point really assess what you have going on in your space. If you plan on using a lot of bold colors then you can go with more of a neutral color of cupboard. If you really don't have a dramatic element in the room then you might want to go with a darker stain or paint color. You can also create an entire focal wall just by really going with large frames around your mirrors or oversized lighting.