Bathroom wall cabinets are really a chance for you to get more storage in your space. However, recently they've become a little bit outdated in favor of more decorative kinds of mirrors. Here are a few ways that you can really get the best of both worlds. You can really get away now with displaying a lot of your washcloths or even toiletries right out in the open for more of a modern look and shelves are really key to this design style.

Traditional style medicine cabinets are back but in new ways. They have more of a painted vintage flair to them. This means more ornate molding. They are smaller. They're going to have a painted finish instead of a wood stain as well. This means that if you have a really bulky medicine cabinet in your space with mirror doors then it might really need to go.

Another style that we are really seeing is more of a modern look. Floating vanities are very popular right now but they don't give you as much storage. You can really counteract this but still keep within the modern style by going with a floating linen cabinet. This can even be in a sleek black kind of design style. It can give you plenty of storage. Stay away from the traditional style that can sometimes feel a little bit cheesy.

We are also seeing a lot of modern kinds of cubes. This is a great alternative to most bathroom wall cabinets. Usually this is just a little hutch that you put over the toilet to hold towels and it's very cliché looking. Instead, this cube design can feature frosted glass doors or even stainless steel details and is really going to keep it very sleek and contemporary. Just changing up the shape really changes up the overall look of the piece.

You can also really have a built-in style of cabinets. This is great if you really need to maximize your storage space. Larger vanities will seem very popular. You might be able to have your cabinet maker include a linen cabinet on top of your vanity to take advantage of extra counterspace that you might not need.

You can also make this match your vanity. A great option for this is to go with more country touches. You can find a lot of wall cabinets that have beadboard detailing to them. This can be a painted black finish even if you just have white cabinetry. You can really combine the two finishes to get a more updated look in your room. Plus, it's a great option if you already have one of these wall cabinets in your room and it just seems very dated. Try painting it out to give yourself a fresh and crisp new look. If it's difficult to remove and you don't want to harm the wall just paint it really close to the wall color. This is going to help it to blend in with the wall so it's the focal point of the entire space.