A French country dining table can work in a traditional or formal dining room. It's also a way to add a more classic element to a basic white kitchen nook. You need to pay attention to the lines of the piece as well as the color palette. This is the best style if you just want to makeover a thrift store find or your existing table. This uses paint. You can go with blue, sage, or gray to get a modern look on even the oldest tables. You can also go with a walnut or oak top and usually these just seem dated but fresh paint colors on the chairs will be a little bit more modern.

Charming Turquoise

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Work with Fun Fabrics on the Chairs

If you have a very plain table that feels a little country then go with a French country style. Reupholster the seats with a floral style of fabric. Then paint out all of the wood tones in a pale blue or yellow. This can have glaze on top of it so it really mimics an antique.

You can work this table in with a lot of other design styles. It can be quite shabby chic if you just pair it with white fabric slipcovers. This could even have a subtle rose print on it. Drive home the theme by decoupaging poetry, parchment paper, or sheet music on top of this. Just read the directions on the decoupaging medium to make sure that it's safe around food.

Cottage Furniture

Distressed Finishes

The French Country kind of look is very casual. It can use painted finishes or worn wood. You can also bring in traditional fruit or vine upholstery. If you've had the same Queen Anne style set for awhile you might just want to paint it to give it a totally new look and make it more casual. This can be suited for your everyday life.

Inlays are a hallmark of French dining tables but it can be a little bit expensive. You can just make sure that you get the same look for less money. You can just try painting a star pattern on top of the table. This doesn't have to be intricate. It should just use contrasting colors and more of a compass style star.

Farmhouse Style

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Neutral Finishes

If you have a simple style of table it can still work. This can just be in a white or cream finish. You can add distressing with glaze as long as it doesn't look too country. You can save money but get a new look by bringing in new chairs. This could even be a painted iron.

You might have a few of these pieces that you want to give a new look to. For more of a transitional style just paint it black. You could stencil faint fleur de lis or bring in charcoal etchings to coordinate with this and drive home your theme.

The upholstery on your piece is also very important. Tone on tone stripes is traditional for formal furniture and this is something that really has become a classic part of design so it's quite inexpensive.

A Queen Anne style of furniture is going to be the traditional silhouette for this. If you're lucky enough to have cherry wood or mahogany tones then leave it as is. You want to drive home the French style with rich damask fabric or silk window treatments. You can really go all out with this design style with tassels or beaded trim. You can also spice up the table that you already have with a velvet tablecloth. You see these lots at holiday time. However, if you go with a basic black or gold tone you can use these fabric pieces all year round for opulence.

French Country Dining Tables That Seat a Lot of People

The expense here is both the table and the chairs as this style uses a lot of intricate pieces. If you have plans you may want to build a rustic country french bench and distress it which will save money. You could also paint it white or give it an antique glaze and then paint a harlequin print on your table top if it isn't in the best shape.

If you have leaves in the table then buy some nicer chairs. Use them as accent chairs on either side of the buffet or even in the living room when not in use.