Mosaic tiles have really become a lot more popular in contemporary design. This is a way that you can add a lot of character and life from your backsplash to even your floor. In fact, you can even find this on countertops. Whenever you do a DIY project you can save a lot of money. This can look like it's deceptively difficult. It looks like you have to place each individually but usually they come on a sheet that has already been placed so it's like you're laying a larger tile although you do have to do all of the grout work yourself.

One area that you can really make your mosaic tile different is to go with more of a natural stone look. This is important because you can have your tile for a very long time. Mosaic tiles can seem a little bit contemporary especially if you go with a glass version. In this case, you might want to go with more of a stone version. This can work with a lot of the ceramic tile that you already have in your space.

Even if it's just a faux ceramic depending on the application you need this can really still look very convincing. Plus, you can see the variation from stone to stone. This creates a really interesting pattern. This is especially important if you want a really high-end bathroom and you're going to use granite and marble all over the place. You really need to change it up a little bit. This is going to make use of the material so it doesn't feel too heavy or even boring, which is always a risk you run when you are dealing with more of a neutral color of tile.

The really great thing about mosaic glass tile is the different mixes of colors. If you want a very contemporary look then you're going to want to just go with one color. This can even be a great aqua or turquoise glass backsplash. You can also really venture into different mixes. For a beach inspired mix this is going to have different colors of turquoise and teal altogether. You might want to make sure that it has subtle yellow or white veins so that it relates to other neutral tones in your space. This can even be the focal point of your entire room and can be the inspiration for paint colors and furniture choices. In fact it could even have a silver or a metallic element to it.

Mosaic tile can also look quite natural. In this case you want to go with more irregular shapes. This is really going to use more of a pebble kind of design style. In fact it can even really mimic river rock. You can also have more of a contemporary element. If it's made of stainless steel it can just use these very organic kind of lines.

This can also be quite traditional. In this case you're going to want to go with a lot of different squares and rectangles all pieced together. Instead of just the basic repetitive square this allows you to get a ceramic tile. Just make sure that it's very interesting because the focus is going to be on shapes instead of costly materials.