Pine furniture is going to be one of your least expensive wood options. It's also a lighter wood tone. This makes it perfect for smaller rooms. You can still get the look of natural wood in your space if you're on a budget or if you're just worried about it seeming too heavy.

You may just go for a very simplistic piece because this is furniture that you're going to have for a long time. In this case just go for more of that mission style. This could just be a simple armoire with a flat panel door. This way the beauty of the natural wood tones really shows up because the focus is on intricate hardware silhouettes. This adds a more rustic tone to a vintage room or a shabby chic design.

One style this is really going to work very well in is going to be with rustic pine furniture. This focuses on simplicity. It can often have faux leather hinges on it. It can just be an addition to your living room. A great way to do this is just with a pine trunk. You can use this as a blanket chest and coffee table at the same time. It can even serve as a toy chest for you to hide all of your stuff when company comes over. It's going to be one of your least expensive options and it's perfect if you have painted end tables and you don't really want to change out your existing look but you still want a slightly warmer feeling.

Another option for unfinished pine furniture is going to be paint. Of course, you probably don't want to paint all of the piece because this can really defeat the purpose of buying real wood. However, you can really copy the look of a lot of country trends right now which are using painted table legs along with natural wood tops. This can coordinate with a lot of the furniture that you already own. It's perfect if you've inherited a lot of pieces that are both painted and wood and you don't really know what do with it.

One of your more expensive options is going to be Mexican pine furniture. This features a lot of hand carving and craftsmanship. You might just want to break up the set so that you can save a little bit of money. Even if you just go with a very dramatic screen that you use as a room divider just as a way to hide exercise equipment this can really make a dramatic impact in your room.

When you think of pine furniture you probably don't think of elegance but this can really be the case. You can really work this more casual material into sophisticated design styles especially if you go with antique pine furniture. It can even work with antique light fixtures, faux silk curtains and a damask fabric. Consider using this in a kitchen. Right now painted cabinetry is all the rage but they can really lack a little bit of character. At the same time if you went with all pine cabinets this can really overwhelm the space. Instead, just bringing in some antique pine furniture is going to really warm up your room. You could do this quite simply just with a drop leaf dining table or even an antique hutch.