Purple bedding allows you to add a slightly feminine element to your room. However, with wise shopping decisions you can make it sophisticated enough to work for a master bedroom. This is perfect if you have neutral colors of walls or you might not even have a headboard and you really need to make a big impact.

One thing that you might want to consider doing is going with a pintuck style bedding. This is going to use a lot of faux satin materials. It can create a pintuck either with button details for more of a tufted kind of look or just gathering. This is one of the more opulent designs out there right now. Lately we are even seeing it in less expensive duvet sets. This is just going to focus on a solid color fabric. It's going to make it a little bit more sophisticated.


Lavender Bedding

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Lavender Bedding

When you think of this design style you probably don't think of the word subtle, although it certainly can be. This is a way that you can mix lavender in with very popular gray tones. This is going to be extremely soothing. This can even bring in floral prints or retro kinds of dots. Whenever you go with designer color palettes in your bedding you'll probably have to go with brand names and it is going to require that you spend a little bit more money. However, if you just have a plain bed frame in silver or any kind of metallic tone you can really use this satin kind of fabric to your advantage. Even if the color doesn't match exactly you're still going to see shine which will relate back to the metallic elements.

Dark Purple Bedding


You really have control of the color palette when you make a quilt yourself. In this case, you could just try going with a sunset kind of design inspiration. This could even have kind of the colorful Anthropologie kind of look. If you just use a lot of strips of fabric it should be quality fabric such as faux satins. Then bring in a lot of different oranges, purples, and pinks. This can be a funky element to your teenagers room or a master bedroom. In fact you could even just try to take a basic purple background then apply an applique of the city skyline to it. This will be one of the more modern quilts that you can achieve and it's definitely unusual.

Purple Zebra Bedding

Retro Styles

This can really be very funky and retro inspired. This doesn't need to have a pattern on it but can focus on velvet. It can work for a teens room but if you go with a darker color and a higher quality material it can even work for a master bedroom. This is going to be one of your softest options and feels very opulent even though it really isn't as expensive as high thread count cotton would be.

Another interesting area for you to use this is going to be in a nursery. In fact, if you just want a solid color of crib bedding then this is still going to be dramatic enough to match any darker wood tones or even pale pink walls. In fact, this is a great opportunity for you to bring in a pink accent color. Right now a lot of faux sets for kids are very popular and they will include everything from flowers to butterflies. Really, you're going to have a full range of pastel tones with either of these options so you can go in all different kinds of furniture and wall directions.

Eggplant Styles

When you go with dark purple bedding it's going to be a little bit more sophisticated. This means that you also really want to upgrade your material quite a lot. In this case, you can try going with a velvet or faux velvet. This can be fairly expensive and you want to make sure that you find versions that are easy to clean. It can even be an embossed style of fabric with a rose pattern. This is a more striking way to get a feminine look than your typical shabby chic kind of motifs. It's also a way that you can add a slightly more feminine element to a black iron bed or even a leather sleigh bed.

If this seems a little bit too dramatic then you might want to go with a reversible version of this. This could have khaki or even olive green on the other side of this. This is perfect if you and your spouse can't decide on the right color combination for your room. Instead, you're going to have the option to get several new looks out of one piece. It's even interesting if you don't make your bed because then you'll have an accent color to show through. This will usually be in more of an eggplant kind of design style so it's going to work with more masculine neutral colors. Sometimes solid colors of comforters can feel very bland but this changes that. You don't have to have an expensive high thread count to make solid colors interesting.

As far as girls purple bedding goes you should make it fun and trendy. A great option for this would be to go with more of the zebra kind of design style. This is perfect if she has purple or pink walls. She may want a slightly more cheery look that you might not be ready to repaint just quite yet. Going with a new comforter can really add a cooler element to the room.

You also may want to consider black and purple bedding for very traditional items such as quilts. This is instantly going to transform basic floral prints or even plaids. In fact, if you use this color palette in plaids it's very popular in fashion right now. It's a way that you can use this tone that feels a little bit juvenile but just make it a lot more sophisticated. If you're creating this yourself then add a slightly vintage effect with houndstooth prints as well.

Purple Duvet Cover

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Purple and Black Bedding