Decorating around a Hello Kitty bedding set can be a little bit of a design challenge. It can be a character that your kid is really into. However, it can also just make the room feel a little bit cheesy. You can find ways to really counteract this so that you get a space that you are both happy with.

One thing that you may want to consider doing is to go with more of the Hello Kitty Couture collection. This will use more of a damask style. It is going to be difficult to even really see this character’s face. It's going to use a lot of woven and tapestry designs instead of the colorful cottons that we are so used to. This also helps you to match this fun style in with more elegant furniture such as a twin four poster bed.

You can also really go full out with this design style but just use different color palettes. Of course Hello Kitty is still going to be black and white with a brighter bow in her hair. However, you can really venture into different colors palette just with your pillowcases or even your sheet set. Consider dropping the basic pink and white and focus on the red bow, although sometimes she wears a pink one.

Another style that you see is subtle versions for a nursery. This is going to use more pastel colors such as lavender and blue. This is going to be one of the more soothing and unusual color palettes that we really see in Hello Kitty bedding.

This can even be suitable for teens as long as it's still cool. In this case you want to venture into the tattoo collection. It's going to use a more graphic design style. It can mimic vintage tattoo artwork. It can also have a black background to it so that the character isn't going to be the focal point.

You can also really make sure that your Hello Kitty bedding choice ties in with the rest of your furniture. For instance if you have a lot of bright white beadboard furniture then you can go in more the country design style. This is especially important if this style of bedding is really popular among all of your kids’ friends. You want to get a unique look. In this case, you can go with more of a quilt collection. This is going to use a classic patchwork design matched with unusual cartoon fabric choices and appliqués.

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