Stylish Color Choices in Plus Size Women's Clothes

    We all know that dark colors of clothing have a slimming effect on those who wear them.  This becomes especially important for some plus size women to the point of having a whole wardrobe in nothing but dark, dark, colors for all outfits - from dresses to pant suits to nightgowns and robes.  Is it possible to wear other colors and still look stylish and have your clothes flatter your shape no matter what size you are?  Of course it is; it's often just a matter of trying something new color wise and learning how to wear other colors along with or instead of dark ones.  Bright shades of other colors can be introduced to your wardrobe, along with lighter shades of the dark colors you like.   White can be worn, too, and certain items of clothing in white can flatter your figure.  If you prefer sticking with dark colors because of their slimming effect, try other dark colors besides black and navy blue.  Dark olive green, for example, or a dark red.  Even a deep, dark purple will work.

    What about white?  Can plus size women wear white denim jeans without appearing too "hippy"?  White denim jeans can be figure flattering on a plus size shape.  If you have wide hips that go along with an hourglass shape, plus size white denim jeans can work to flatter your figure.  Avoid embellishments on the jeans such as fat pockets that add extra bulk. For that reason, also avoid a big wide belt.  A plain pair of white jeans with no extra detailing will work well on you.  Bootcut and cropped white denim are also great choices.  A light flare at the bottom on white pants works with the hourglass figure, where too wide a flare will make your hips appear even wider.  For those with a larger middle and large cleavage, skinny white jeans can look great on you, especially a pair with a wide waistband.  A good waistline on white denim will give you curves on your hips, balancing them out with your upper body shape.  Wide flares are great on white pants for women who are bustier, drawing attention downwards and making your chest appear smaller in proportion. 

  Other light colored clothing can be worn on top when sticking with dark plus size bottoms.  Dark slimming pants or skirts can be paired with a lighter colored top rather than a whole monochromatic color scheme in your outfit.  An apple shape figure, though, looks better with a "one color" plus size clothing look; in this case, choose the same color pants and tops, only the top can be a lighter shade.  Dark olive green pants with a pale green shirt, for example.  Dark prints on a lighter background can work, too, instead of a solid dark color for dresses, especially when coupled with a dark solid color belt that matches the print.  When wearing separates, the lighter colored piece will be the one noticed, so wear dark on the area that's largest - either bottom or top - with the lighter or brighter color on the other end.  If your hips are wide, try dark pants with a bright yellow top to bring attention to your top rather than your hips.

  Besides light and dark colors, what else works well for stylish color choices in plus size women's clothes?  Bright colors, of course!  And prints of all shades of colors.  If you are curvy, choose a wrap dress with a colorful top - a colorful floral top if possible.  For the petite plus size woman, medium size prints stretched vertically will work well on a dress.  For the full figured taller woman, large prints work fine.  Some prints that work well on all plus sizes are small plaids or vertical pinstripes. 

  Remember, it's not always the color that can make you appear heavier; make sure the plus size clothes you choose fit you and are the correct size.  Take measurements and check them against clothing you order online.  Any color choice can be stylish in plus size clothing as long as the clothes look right on you and your shape.