Stylish Convertible Sofas and Futons for People with Taste

For those looking for contemporary home decorating ideas, investing in a convertible sofa futon is one way to go. If you have ever seen a convertible sofa and futon in someone's living room or bedroom, you will appreciate that it can provide a sense of style and accomplishment. The fact that you can convert your sofa and futon into a bed for guests is another reason why you might want to invest in one. If you live in a small apartment convertible sofas and futons are not only affordable or cheap but they also make for a very practical use of the limited space you have.

Most major brands of home furniture manufacturer sell convertible sofas and futons. For example a AmeriWood industries and Coaster Bergen collection have different types of convertible sofas and futons from which you can choose.

It was very hard to find cheap convertible sofas and futons  under $100. Most starting prices are just over $200. On the higher price range you should expect to pay over a thousand dollars.

For those with a sense of style and money to spend, innovation USA sly deluxe convertible sofa futon comes with two big pillows and an interesting price tag of $1250. At that price, you will get free delivery. Well, indirectly you will be paying for the free home delivery.

If you don't believe in paying that much for your convertible sofa futon, the Elite Black Metal Round Arm Full Frame can be purchased at Roundhill furniture for $120. That is a relatively affordable price. You need to bear in mind that you pay for what you get; or you get what you pay for.

Decorating ideas with convertible sofas and futons

In order to be able to get the maximum effect from convertible sofas and futons, you need to pay close attention to the colors used on your  walls. Contrast is the key to achieving contemporary living room furnishing. If your living room walls are white, you will want to make sure your convertible sofa and futon provide enough contrast to give that “whao!” effect.

There are those who prefer to have white on white. That gives a sort of calming effect. Some might think that it is boring and that it reminds them of hospital rooms.

 If you are into sharp contrast, a red convertible sofa and futon with a white background can have a very interesting effect. A white on white wall and home furniture is a good idea if you don’t have children. If you do, you might need to rethink your home design. That is because children tend to take their writing skills to a different level by writing on your white convertible sofa and your futon or on your white wall.

Affordable Stylish High Sleepers with Futon

Any home furniture that comes with the name futon sounds very exotic. You can have a futon in your living room, in your bedroom or even in your patio. Most people will associate futon with a low home furniture that you place on the floor. However, there are also high sleepers with futon. These provide a certain advantage to the ones placed on the floor. They can make cleaning the floor easier, because you don't have to lift the furniture. If the high sleepers with futon provide enough room, you can even use the extra space underneath for additional storage.

Decorating ideas with futon and high sleepers

If you're into minimalism, decorating your living room or bedroom with high sleepers with futon means you don't have to buy extra furniture to convert your futon to a bed. Buying a futon high sleeper also work well with those with little space. There is one thing you need to know, high sleepers with futon are not cheap. You should expect to pay about $500 for the cheapest out there. For example, there are metal framed high sleepers with futon and there are wooden based frame. The metal frame gives a more contemporary look and will appeal to those who prefer a modern look for their home furniture. If you already have wooden home furniture, you might want to choose the high sleepers with futon that has a wooden frame. There isn't much of a difference in price between the two. It will all boil down to tastes and what you want to achieve.

If you want to decorate your home  all in one go, buying high sleepers with futon as a set is a good way to achieve that. You get free home delivery from most retailers. That means you don't have to worry about finding coffee tables, Ottomans, or any other home accessories to go with your high sleepers with futon. That said, you will have to pay more than $1000 for your high sleeper. Simmons Cresta Sofa Sleeper Futon - Futons & Sleepers sells for $768 at Sam’s club.

For those with extra cash to spend, you can invest in more expensive contemporary high sleepers with futon. For example, Innovation Cubed Deluxe Sleeper sells for $1450 at

Chair sofa sleeper: Great Ideas for Small Space

Decorating your home can be quite difficult. You have so many ideas running through your head. At times money can be an issue when you're trying to decorate your home. Most people will like to get value for their money. If you are on small budget, you can choose to decorate your living room or bedroom with chair sofa sleeper. If you're wondering what the chair sofa sleeper is, basically it is chair that can be converted to  a sleeper or to bed.

For those with small living room space, having home furniture that will not take up a lot of room is very important. That is when chair sofa sleeper can come in very handy. You can use your sleeper in the guest room, living room, or even in your bedroom.

There are many just offer sleeper to choose from and the prices varies a lot depending on the brand or the style. You will be surprised to know that you can pay as much as $1000 for sofa sleeper or as little as under $100. That said, much will depend on the size of the sleeper chair. For example, sells one of these home furniture for under $100. If you want to stylish chair sofa sleeper, you can check out the olive fabric klik-klak sleeper chair that sells for 300 dollars at

If you have a bigger budget, you can opt to buy a chair sofa sleeper set. These are more expensive, but you get the advantage of having a complete living room furniture set. If you want to really relax and enjoy the experience, some of these chair sofa sleepers come with Ottoman. With that in mind, you will still have to pay for the pleasure. Most of the home furniture set cost over thousand dollars. However, you get the advantage of getting free delivery and decorating your living room completely with a single purchase.