I love the cutting board almost as much as I like kitchen knives.  It's the platform where all culinary magic starts and a stylish one can add just the right touch to a kitchen.  I went out of my way a few months ago to find something fresh, away from the classic wooden block (not that there's anything wrong with them) in search of something bold and ballsy.  Many of them were rather ridiculous more than they were original (who needs an elvis cutting board ?) and I found myself facepalming myself more than a few times.  Here are some of the coolest, most innovative and stylish cutting boards I've found online:


Joseph Joseph Mini Mosaic and Lines Design - Should interest any contemporary art enthusiast with its bold design.  My personal favorites, I bought a similar model a few months ago.  Easy to clean and they don't retain strong smells like ognion and fish the way many porous boards do.


MIU Flexible Cutting Boards - These come in a set of 5 and are easy to clean and maintain unlike many wooden boards.  The bold colors definitly make it an eye catcher.


John Boos Corner Counter Saver - Simple yet effective cutting board installed into any corner of your kitchen.  Made from northern hard rock maple .  I tried a similar model a friend bought and I agree that this definitly saves on counter space and feels natural once you get used to it.


Joseph Joseph Rince & Chop Board - 2 in 1 cutting board and colander.  Easy to use and very intuitive way to cut and wash your veggies.  Lined with soft rubber hinges that are resistant to abuse, and of course, dishwasher safe.


Joseph Joseph Index Color Coded Boards - A set of four color coded boards - red for meat, blue for seafood, green for vegetables and white for cooked food.  I'm not sure that there are any real differences between each board, but it certainly pleases the anal-retentiveness in all of us.  Adds a fun and quirky desk look to the kitchen.


Space Invaders Cutting Board - Give a geeky feel to the old kitchen !  These Handmade boards are made of walnut and hard-maple.  Found this one on Etsy.com - Definitly a conversation starter !

SI Board

Joseph Joseph COOK Design - Inspired by the famous Robert Indiana LOVE series, this worktop saver will add a pop art feel to the work area.  I only wish it would come in other color schemes, the gray 'o' looks out of place.