Stylish High Heel Shoes for Plus Size Women: Dress Shoes and Ladies Shoes


When you are a plus size woman, you generally have a lot of issues to deal with. That said, there is no reason why you shouldn't look bootylicious and beautiful. If you don’t know the meaning of that word, you can check out one of Destiny’s Childs Album. That said, there are many things that plus size women have to take care of in order to make sure that their outfit looks great. When it comes to buying shoes, most people would thing that because you are a big women your shoes will  be the same. There are some big women with smaller thighs and hips. There are others with big thighs and small waist. That is just to say that women come in all shapes and sizes. There is however one thing that most of them have in common. They want to look beautiful and most women tend to have an obsession with shoes. You will not be surprised to know that there are high heel shoes for plus size women. The question is, where can you go to get some trendy designer shoes that will make you look stylish?

If you are a small plus size woman, there is no need to be told that wearing high heels can definitely increase you height and make you look better. If you plan to invest in some dress shoes, you need to make sure you don’t buy one just because you are invited to a party or a wedding. If you don’t know how to walk in plus size high heels, you will do well to stick with what you know. There is nothing worse than trying to be fashionable and looking ridiculous.

If you want some stylish high heel shoes for plus size women, you can try some of the offerings from You will get a large choice of slip on shoes that are designed to make you look your best at affordable prices. There is the 4 inches Wood Mule swirl carved slip on high heel shoes. This is like a gravity defying pair for those with a sense of style and who want to stand out from the crowd. This exotic earth loving pair of plus size high heels will cost you $160. That is not a cheap pair of dress shoes but it does look trendy. If you want a barely there pair of high heels shoes for plus size women, the same site offers the 5 inches chunky heel clear platform dress shoes. This is  like wearing a pair of shoes made from transparent glass. The advantage of this pair is that it will match almost all the outfits you currently have. It is one of those pairs that you will buy for days when you can’t make up your mind. This will cost you only $82.


This stylish pair of high heel shoes will look great on any plus size women who doesn't want to spend a lot of money but still want to look expensive. You can purchase yours at for $42. If you are a short woman and you can do with the extra height, you can not go wrong with this offer. This is marketed as the 5 1/2" Stiletto * ALLURE-608. If you want a gravity defying plus size shoes and you are not afraid to break your legs, what about an 8 inches high heels?


That might sound a little over the top but visiting the same site, you will get style and height at affordable prices. There are cheap high heel shoes for plus size women but for those who are addicted to shoes, paying more than a $100 for a pair shouldn't be a problem.Plus Size Women's Special Occasions Gwen image shoes


This stylish black high heel shoes for plus size women will look great if you are thinking of combining it with a little black dress. There is no need to hide your figure. You will definitely get a lot of looks even from dirty old men who can keep their thoughts to themselves. This is marketed as the ComfortView Cookie Slingback. You can purchase yours for $70 at