One Piece Shower Tub Combo

A one piece tub shower combo consists of a bath tub that can be free standing or against a wall with a shower built in. The tub usually comes with the shower that could be fitted in-between the taps to be mounted to a wall or with a handy shower head to wash while in the tub with a shower curtain around it. The tub and shower can be purchased together so that they match and fit together accordingly, there are many different styles and prices to choose from. Whether you are looking for a luxury tub and shower or an affordable tub and shower, there are definitely opportunities to buy this from various websites on the internet. are selling a very affordable yet cheque roll top bath with chrome legs, the shower head is attached by the taps to create a luxurious finish. There is a frame surrounding the tub so that the shower head can be fitted to the frame allowing someone who is washing to stand up and have room for the water to fall from above head height. The frame and shower curtain are combined into the price for $773.90 free shipping is included.

If you are purchasing a one piece tub shower combo to conserve space in a small bathroom and all in one tub and shower is a very efficient way of managing space. There are many space saving and unique inventions to choose from, are selling a very unique idea. For $1,148.97 they are selling and acrylic bath tub with three integrated shelves, towel bar and roof cap. The shower head is fitted above the tub on to the wall so there are no unsightly cords. This model looks very modern and clean all fixtures are white and can be easily wiped clean. This particular tub and shower combo can be combined into any household and still look up to date and most importantly save space in a confined bathroom.

Elizabethan Cast Iron for $3,200 at HomeDepot

The above pictured shows a one piece shower tub combbo which is stylish and has a nice retro feel to the design. This is marketed as the Elizabethan Classics Cast Iron Double Slipper Tub Combo and sells for $3,200 at the Home Depot. This for those who can combine good taste with money.


If you would like to purchase a luxury one piece tub shower combo the Neptune tub, shower combo with whirlpool action is definitely a great purchase. The tub is very angular and fits into a corner of a room. The taps for filling the bathroom tub are on one side of the bath and the shower head is on the other end of the bath opposite the others. All of the taps and fixtures are very professional and have a very high standard and finish. The tub is made out of resin and the taps are made out of chrome. This tub and shower combo has a whirlpool action added; this is perfect for a young professional couple who like to have unusual and a high standard finish in their modern home. This particular tub and shower combo can be purchased from for $4,931.25.

Have a look and define what style suits you and your home best, there are plenty of options to choose from when purchasing a one piece tub shower combo, be flamboyant or modern, space saving or luxurious there are many combinations to choose from various websites.