With spring comes warmer temperatures and rain, so owning a plus size hooded rain coat could be one of your best investments for those warmer wet days.

But just what style do you get if you are a plus size girl?  Also, do you get a spring jacket or a rain jacket?

If you do a lot of walking down town or around your neighbourhood then you could simply resort to an umbrella and get damp or you could wear something stylish to get you through those slightly cool yet wet days and feel great.

As a larger size curvy girl myself, I always found it hard to find a spring jacket that looked decent, protected me from the rain and one that had a bit of style to it rather than a baggy sack look.

Stylish Women's Spring or Rain Coats

I would tend to skip purchasing for this season and once it was time to peel off the winter coat, I would simply move into sweaters and use an umbrella until the dryer summer weather showed up!

But I decided to change that, since I have to walk a lot outdoors no matter what the weather and since I own a dog that wants to walk around the block and to the park no matter what the weather, I figured it was time to get something that kept me dry and yet looked nice.

Spring Jackets

Spring in Ontario is not a super long season, it feels like we sometimes jump from winter to summer, but come April and May, the rains start to wash away the last remanants of winter and the temperature rises.

So, you don’t need your big winter jacket anymore, but you still need something as it is not quite time to peel down to shirt sleeves just yet. 

The best one to get is one that works for the rain to keep you dry and also has a bit of a lining to keep some of those cooler breezes out, and yet it breathes so as not to make you sweaty.

Women's Plus Size Packable Hooded Raincoat With Zip Bag Begonia,24 W
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(price as of Mar 1, 2018)

Hooded Rain Coat

This way you don’t need two coats, and you want one that looks great even if it is not raining.  So, you could go for the slicker shiny bright yellow definite rain style, or you could go for this stylish hooded rain jacket.

This hooded rain coat is by Jessica London, so you know you are getting quality, and this is a longer coat at 50” in length.  It works perfect for longer dresses and skirts and especially those maxi dresses that are in right now.

But at the same time it looks amazing over pants and jeans.  It has a zip out lining and detachable hood, so you can play with this a bit.

How to Look Slim in a Plus Size Spring Coat

Make sure you get it large enough to go over any bulky clothes, as you will look larger than you are if this jacket is pulling and tugging.  Get one with slash pockets so as to not add bulk to the outside of the it, and make sure it does not “catch” on certain parts of your body. 

So, get one that flows and doesn’t draw the eye to any tight areas.  Get the coat in a nice pastel or gray tones and you will feel good this spring!  Jessica London carries many large size spring coats and plus size hooded rain coats, worth checking out.