Stylish Plus Size Low Rise Jeans for Women

 Low rise jeans hug your hips and do not have a high waist; they flatter your hips and allow you to wear more figure hugging tops. A lot of plus size women might prefer low rise jeans because it will allow them to have more give around the waist. Plus size low rise pants for women can accentuate the mid-riff and waist. Low rise jeans can look great with a tight top or a loose fitting top, for example a plus size woman could wear low rise pants with a baggy top and a cardigan to give an appearance of being smaller than they are. Or another example would be to wear low rise jeans with a tight top that draws attention to your waist and makes it look smaller.

low rise pants usually have a looser top part, where the button and zip is. This is so the jeans can fall on your hips without being too tight. High rise jeans have the opposite affect and are tighter at the top part, where the button and zip is so that is hugs your waist and falls wider at the hips. Plus size low rise jeans for women could be beneficial for larger women because they won’t be too tight around the waist and pinch the fat leaving marks. I recommend that plus size women buy a pair of low rise pants that are tight around the legs.

There are many different varieties of low rise jeans, you can buy low rise pants that are tight around the legs or jeans that fall from the waist to the floor, you can also buy flares that will be tight around the thighs and fall wider to the floor. If you want to buy plus size low rise jeans for women I recommend trying on some pairs of jeans from shops and seeing whether they are too tight or too loose. Sometimes low rise pants can be too generous at the back leading to them falling down quite often. Plus size women can buy low rise jeans from off the internet if they prefer to.

I recommend that larger ladies who want to purchase plus size low rise pants for women buy a pair of black skinny leg low rise jeans and team them up with colourful socks and high heels. Black is a flattering colour for large women and draws attention away from their size. For the top half I recommend a long tight top with detail in the middle so that it gives the appearance that your top half is actually narrower than it is. There are plenty of sites on the internet that you can purchase low rise jeans. is really good for affordable and fashionable items. They also have a wide range of jeans and will offer different styles. On there is a lot of choice and variety too, plus size women might find it easier to find their size on a website such as eBay. They often have a broader range catering for specialist items.


Looking stylish doesn't have to be expensive. You must know how to choose without ruining your buget. If you want a casual trendy outfit, Pioneer Women's low rise boot cut silver jeans plus size that sells for $73 at will be a great option to add to your collection.

If you want a 3/4 length pair of trousers, the Roamans Plus size low rise Ana Carpis jeans can be purchased for $22. This will look great fro those summer days when you don't want to look too formal and you don't want to look scruffy either. This trendy jeans can also be purchased in black, White or deep blue for those who want a check of scenery.

When it comes to buying skinny jeans or any pair of trousers in general, most people will opt for the classic colors. If you want to turn things around, you can go to and try the Not Your Daughters Plus Size Sheri Jeans for Women. This is a very bright red jeans that sells for $85.

There are many designer stylish plus size jeans to choose from if you are willing ot take the time to shop around. If you go to, You will be able to choose great Ralph Lauren plus size jeans for women with taste and style. Most women fear that a designer label will to a lot more expensive. Ralph Lauren low rise jeans can be purchase for as little as $57. That is a cheap pair for an affordable price. The website also offers Bandolino's low rise jeans for plus size women that are affordable at $40.

Cheap low rise jeans for curvy women don't have to cost a fortune. You also don't have to feel that a big woman cannot