Plus Size Robes
Although a majority of robes available have a one-size-fits-all feature, most tall and plus size consumers usually choose plus size robes to prevent any potentially embarrassing event from occurring in the future. With their highly expandable nature, plus size robes are readily available with thousands of online shops offering them with a variety of colors and design to fit both men and women of all ages.

Among the most popular materials used to make plus size robes is the terrycloth. With its fantastic moisture absorption capabilities, terrycloth is a good option among those who prefer to use a relatively warm cloth to dampen the skin after a good shower or bath. Terrycloth robes are also not prone to mildew, making them the perfect choice for those who are living in humid areas. However, it should be noted that this feature doesn't guarantee loss of material's freshness. It is therefore advisable to always hang your terrycloth plus size robes in a well-ventilated area with a regular check-up for potentially harmful elements like fungus and molds. When using a washing machine, terrycloth should only be washed with clothes with the same color to avoid possible discoloration. It is also a good practice to always remove the robe's belt before washing, to prevent accidents like tangles or tearing as a direct effect of machine use.

The major disadvantage of plus size robes made of terrycloth is the accompanying thick fabric which would otherwise add a considerable amount of thickness to the frame of the wearer. If you are not comfortable about having a significantly larger frame due to this feature, you can consider a plus size robe made of cotton instead. Cotton is a much thinner fabric which can give a slimmer silhouette, although it is less absorbent or warm as compared to terrycloth. When it comes to washing, it is always preferable to wash this type of robe by hand-wash, although using the gentle cycle of the washing machine is also probable.

If you want a highly sophisticated plus size robe, luxury designs are also available as there are a significant number of stores offering varieties made of silk and satin. Satin fabric may be made from real silk fibers and can likewise be produced through synthetic means. Silk-made satin robes are very delicate and should be handled with utmost care. Synthetic satin robes on the other hand are more durable and affordable. Plus size robes of both types of satin have a cool and smooth feeling against the skin, giving an exuberant and sensuous feel and appearance. Plus size women generally select satin chemise with a matching satin robe on top for a more sensual look. As with its other features, belts are very much necessary when it comes to plus size robes made of satin as the fabric is relatively smoother compared to other types.

Plus Size Robes as Fabulous Garments
When embroidered with different materials, plus size robes can be a very good piece of lingerie to flaunt your curves. Robes made of cotton, silk or satin can be wonderfully adorned with lace to perfectly complement one's size. Well coordinated pieces can provide a fabulous look, especially during the night. A sexy look can be fully achieved by combining robe belts and colors with the right material and design.
Wearing a deluxe silk robe with beautiful lingerie is a wonderful way to bring a romantic evening into an exquisite and sexy night. Intimate apparels in pretty colors and design can be a fantastic way to express a woman's individuality. With hundreds of possible combinations and variations, plus size robes can be purchased in fabulous designs whether they are in kimono-style or even in leopard-prints. The type and variation to buy depends greatly on one's taste when it comes to intimate fashion.
Colors and Fashion

From spring floral designs to fire engine red shades, plus size robes can come in gorgeous patterns and length. To name a few are demure pink, mysterious cyan, soothing aquamarine, and deep plum – all coming with a rich and sensuous charm to the eyes. Garden colors are also very much favorable, while black is considered exotic and sexy at the same time. With its slimming properties, rich black has always been a favorite among plus size women as it trims down unnecessary curves while giving a sexy and luxurious look.

To pre-order online, you can simply log on your computer and look for various sites available for purchases. Thousands of stores are available worldwide, the most popular and well-known being Amazon, though there are many specialty stores too. Whether it's European or Oriental, you are sure to see that perfect piece to match up your taste in intimate apparels.