Stylish Plus Size Sleepwear for Women

   Sleepwear is an essential part of our wardrobe, from pajamas to nightgowns to nightshirts - and robes of all kinds.  There's no need for plus size women to sleep in a long granny gown two or three sizes too large, or to don an old tee shirt and call it a night.  Today, there is plus size sleepwear available in many stylish styles and designs, perfect for the plus size woman.  Whatever the season, you can find trendy, plus size sleepwear sure to make you feel comfortable, sexy, and stylish.  Colder weather means plus size warm pajamas or gowns; warmer weather brings out the search for plus size short robes and short pajamas or gowns.  Depending on the occasion, you might want some sexy plus size sleepwear as part of your night time wardrobe, too.  If you are planning a trip away and will be sharing a room with friends, some new, stylish plus size sleepwear can help you feel comfortable when sharing hotel rooms with your friends, or visiting family and friends out of town for an overnight stay.

  What sort of fabric works well for sleepwear?  Some women are comfortable sleeping in all cotton nighties; others are good with cotton blends.  Still others may, at times, want something sexy and chiffon and lace.  Cotton and silk are breathable fibers for any sleepwear.  You want a fabric you'll feel comfortable in all night, and nothing that will be too tight and binding. Smooth jersey knits and stretch fabrics gently cling without emphasizing your bad spots.  Another consideration in buying plus size sleepwear is size.  Too large, and it will provide bulk in places you don't need extra bulk.  Make sure you buy the correct size that fits and flatters in plus size sleepwear and robes.  Check for fit by moving around in the sleepwear you would like to buy, if possible.  Make sure it doesn't bind tightly in spots.  You want a comfortable eight hours sleep, after all!  If you are plus size and petite, gowns with adjustable or spaghetti straps that tie can be adjusted to your preference.  Plus size Capri length pajama bottoms could also work well for longer pajama pants bottoms for you.

  Personal preference is a big consideration when choosing plus size sleepwear.  If you always been a granny nightgown person, it might be too painful to switch to shortie pajamas.  But if you are going away to a tropical vacation resort, it could also be fun to experiment with something new.  Some people are just more comfortable in pajamas of any length; others are nightgown only people.  Robes may be worn by some only in the coldest of weather; others buy robes for each season.  Short robes, long robes, sheer robes, kimono and wrap style robes, fluffy "big" robes, or even nightgowns with matching robes - all are available in stylish, plus size designs.

Also, it's good to keep in mind the same rules apply when buying sleepwear as for buying regular clothes and outfits - buy according to your shape.   One excellent way to do this is to find a place that sells stylish plus size sleepwear as separates - mix and match.  You can buy according to top size and bottom size and get a more accurate, flattering fit. 

  Where are some good places to find stylish plus size sleepwear for women?  Pajamagram is a unique online store that offers several options for plus size women's sleepwear.  You can find gowns, sleep shirts, pajamas of all lengths for all occasions up to a size 3X.  You can shop by occasion, style of sleepwear, and size.  Mix and match sleepwear sets are available for purchase, making it easy to vary your sleepwear with just a few pieces.  Have children?  Pet dogs?  You can even purchase matching family sets of pajamas!  Up to a 3X for you, all children's sizes, and something for Scrappy, too!  One example is the "Mommy and Me Fatigued Pajamas" - choose family members, including the dog, so that everyone in the family is well coordinated at night time.

  SimplyBe is another online venue for purchasing stylish, plus size sleepwear for women.  With sizes that go up to 32/34, you're sure to find something to your liking here.  One unique offer is the "package deal"; you can buy two or three packs of nighties or chemises that you like; a very affordable offering, especially for those on tight budgets.  The Pretty Secrets pack of 2 cotton chemises with spaghetti straps gives you one pink, and one green mint chemise for $32.00.  A 3 pack of machine washable cotton night shirts in three different colors is $37.00.  Robes, slippers, sleep short and pajama sets are also offered for varying prices and in plenty of assorted styles and colors.  Feel daring?  A sexy, stylish plus size velvet maid skirt with thong can be purchased for $25.00.  The plus size skirt has a built in thong and garters, plus teensey apron front, for effect.

  Serene Comfort - just the name of the shop gives one visions of comfortable sleep.  Choose one of their plus size sleepwear outfits for yourself, and you will, indeed, find serene comfort in  your choice.  Not only do they offer robes and bed jackets, but have an amazing selection of "caftans" - a multipurpose garment that can serve as a robe, or worn as casual wear or sleepwear.  An elegant one can be used for party wear!  Shorter lengths are "half-tans".  The caftans carried by Serene Comfort are courtesy of several different designers, and offer a relaxed, comfortable clothing experience.  Wicking sleepwear for plus size women is also carried by this store.  Wicking sleepwear manages moisture, and the built in wicking properties in the sleepwear won't wash out even after repeated washings.  For women experiencing hot flashes and menopausal night sweats, this plus size sleepwear will keep you cool and dry.

  Today, almost all stores, including those online, that offer or specialize in stylish plus size fashions for women also offer plus size stylish sleepwear as part of their inventory.  For a comfortable, relaxing night's sleep, check out some stylish plus size sleepwear at these places and others that specialize in plus size clothing for women.  After a refreshing sleep, you'll be happy you did.