Stylish Plus Size Wide Leg Jeans for Women


Wide leg jeans are a particular style and shape of trouser. They often are wide at the top of the leg where the thigh is and stay wide down to the bottom of the trouser until the ankle. Some women prefer the wide leg style, and it became very popular in the eighties. I recommend plus size wide leg jeans for women who are larger because you can conceal the actual size of your legs better. A big leg can be hidden by wide leg jeans, but make sure the jeans are fitting around the waist and bottom otherwise you could end up making yourself look bigger. Wide leg jeans can be made in any colour, and can have detail and patches added onto them to give a more fashionable look.

plus size wide leg jeans for women

Plus size wide leg jeans for women can be worn for a casual outing; they are probably best worn with some comfortable boots and a tight top. I would not recommend wearing jeans to a formal evening unless you could team them up with a tailored suit jacket to make the outfit more formal. Wide leg jeans are perfect for walking, or an outdoor activity, they are even good for being around the house. When you are considering buying a new pair I would recommend measuring yourself so when you go to the shop to buy some trousers you will have your exact size handy, sometimes people are tempted to buy trousers that are too small or too big. Try on the pair of wide leg trousers and make sure they fit properly so that you get the most use out of them possible.

There are a lot of jeans companies and many retail shops and brands make their own jeans, there is a massive variety of colours and patterns. Go out for a day of shopping and try on a range of different plus size wide leg jeans for women until you find the right one. There are plenty of cheap choices to choose from that vary from $15 to $40. There are also designer jeans that can be very expensive; the price can reach into hundreds of dollars. There is also a huge variety of choice on the internet and brands websites. The only problem with buying through the internet is that you can’t try on the pair of trousers before you buy them so make sure that you can refund them if possible.

Finding plus size wide leg jeans for women could be easy by looking through the shops, if you can’t find a pair that you really like try having a look on the internet. By looking at your favourite brands websites you can see what they have in stock, if you want a unique pair of wide leg jeans try looking on the auction site eBay and see if there are any unusual pairs on their site. Make sure you have your measurements and choose a pair that you can refund. Many women have trouble finding a pair that fit properly so ask a shop assistant to help you choose the right pair.


Levi's Plus Size Double Button black wide leg jeans is another stylish name and jeans for women who want to look good and show their curves. This $55 pair of jeans can be purchased at

Lane Bryant is another retailer of wide leg trouser jeans that will appeal to big women who want to buy something smart and trendy. You must be willing to spend $90 on your purchase.

Women Within will help you look your best if you want a plus size wide leg strech jeans. This is a relative cheap offer at $35.

Some women will like to move away from the classi blue jeans and will rather choose a color that can be used on formal occasions. If that is you style, and You can choose the brown plus size relaxed wide-leg pull-on jeans or the grey ash. Normally, you will not have to spend more than a $100 for your purchase.

Some women actually worry that wearing jeans will make their bum look big of fat. That is a cultural perception because there is nothing wrong with having curves. Some women actually make a living from their generous curves. There is nothing to be ashamed of and wearing your plus size wide leg jeans with confidence is all about the mind. You will not be pleasing to everyone but that should be your problem. You might look cute and feel good and that is the most important thing.