How to Choose Stylish Sweaters for Plus Size Women

   When shopping for sweaters, what type sweaters work best for plus size women, and where can you find stylish sweaters in plus sizes?  With the variety of sweaters and types to choose from, what guidelines can you use to help you find the best stylish sweater in a plus size?  So many types of sweaters in plus sizes are out there, including cardigans, pullovers and tunic style sweaters.  In addition, there are many fabrics and weights to choose from.  There's no reason not to go for a cashmere sweater if you'd like to.  If you want a sweater that shows off your curves rather than hides them, there's no reason you can't find a plus size sweater that is trendy and stylish and complements your curves that will work for you!

  The first step is accessing your body shape.  An "apple" or "O" shaped body does best without a lot of additional bulk from clothing, including sweaters.  With this body shape the stomach area is heavier than the hips and thighs, and often a person with this body shape is also short waisted.  Appearance is more rounded without much of a waist.  If this is your body type, you'll want to steer clear of big bulky sweaters with lots of embellishments on them.  One hundred percent wool sweaters can be avoided for this reason. .  So can sweaters with ruffles or extra large buttons, along with sweaters that might cling to the midsection.  Head for the V necks, which work well with this body shape, creating a slimming effect.  Color is also an important consideration with this shape when choosing a stylish sweater for plus size women.  Try going with a single colored sweater that can be paired with the same color skirt or pants, to create a longer, sleeker look to your body.  Something like a dark blue sweater with a pair of dark denim jeans works well.  Places such as Avenue, which can be found online, offer V neck tunic style sweaters up to size 32; these sweaters can work beautifully with this body type.

  For plus size women with a "pear" shape body, too short or too long doesn't provide the balance needed when wearing sweaters.  Choose hip length sweaters to flatter your shape; this will make your legs appear longer.  There are many stylish sweaters available that fall into this length for the plus sized woman.  Boat or scoop neck sweaters will draw attention to your neck area rather than your shape - always a plus.  Sweaters with shoulder pads build up the top of your body, with less emphasis on your hips.  Textures and prints or bright colors work well on sweaters for the pear shape figure for the same reason; they draw attention to your top.  This gives you plenty of choices from the myriad of stylish sweaters available for plus size women.

  Sweater sets can be wonderful for plus size women.  Belted sweaters are another plus, giving you a waistline to emphasize.  These type sweaters are always stylish and trendy for plus size women.  Avoid too tight sweaters - they are just too uncomfortable for anyone.  Take a look at what is available online in the way of sweaters for plus size women.  A place such as Shop Translated, an online boutique for plus size women, offers sweaters up through a 3X in a variety of styles and patterns.  Old Navy also has an amazing selection of plus size stylish sweaters, from cardigans with shawl collars to kimono style sweaters.  Sleeve lengths vary; sizes run up to a 4X. 

  With a few fashion tips, it isn't difficult to choose stylish sweaters for plus size women.  With so many styles and colors available, the perfect sweater for your body type is just a click of the mouse or a trip to the mall away.


Stylish Plus Size Shorts for Women

   Being a plus size does not mean having to give up the comfort of wearing shorts on a hot summer's day.  Shorts are perfect to wear when the temperatures heat up even if you are a plus size.   It's often just a matter of knowing what style to choose for your figure.  Plus size shorts for women can be found at any retailer or online shop that sells plus size clothing.  Finding stylish and trendy shorts that work for you is not impossible.  It just takes a little looking and research to find the best stylish plus size shorts for you!

  If you have good legs, and they are one of your best features, you can probably go with a slightly shorter cut of shorts to show off your legs.  Long legs look good in just about any length of shorts.  Try various shades of khakis and browns in plus size shorts to give your legs a longer appearance.  For heavier thighs, choose shorts that cover the thigh area.  Darker plus size shorts, or shorts with small prints, look good and slimming.  Skorts - a combination of shorts and skirt - can help de-emphasize heavier thighs.  Cotton shorts are great for plus size women; they are cool, and don't cling.  A pair of cotton plus spandex shorts will give you the stretch you need, along with the comfort you crave in a pair of plus size shorts.  Bermuda style shorts, or capris, can be great styles for the plus size woman who wants to wear shorts.  If you want to show off a slender waist, a pair of belted shorts is a good choice.  Whether dark denim or light denim, khaki, cycling, capri, chino or short shorts, there's a pair of plus size shorts out there for you.

  The Avenue, an online shopping experience, offers plus size women's shorts in a variety of stylish colors and designs.  Their signature chino shorts or cargo shorts can be purchased regular length or as Bermuda style shorts.  The chinos come in twelve colors up to a 26W and retail for  $19.99.  The stretch chino fabric makes these comfortable while giving you a classic look pair of shorts at an affordable price.   The trendy cargo shorts are available in four colors up to a size 32W, and are on sale for $14.99; at this price, you could buy several pairs!  Cotton knit jersey, machine washable - these shorts are comfortable and easy to care for. 

  For some very trendy and stylish denim shorts, try Alight Plus Size Clothing online.   Patch pocket short shorts by Angels retails for $36.00.  The ever popular five pocket cuff style denim shorts can also be purchased here.  Dark blue stretch denim Bermuda shorts are also cuffed; this style is perfect for those who need a longer cut of shorts.  These shorts run up to a 24W and cost $39.00 - not a bad price for figure flattering denim shorts!

  Lane Bryant offers some stylish shorts in plus sizes - they have twill shorts, cargo shorts, cargo Bermuda shorts and capris in varying colors.  The casual look plus size cotton twill shorts have belt loops for wearing a belt to enhance your waistline.  Knit waist band cargo shorts have a hint of stretch and come in khaki, black, or dusty olive.  Lightweight and comfortable, they work well if you are bigger waisted. 

  Torrid offers trendy plus size fashion online or in their stores which are located coast to coast, including Alaska and Puerto Rico.  From playful plaid schoolgirl plus size shorts, to denim shorts in various lengths, Torrid has some of the trendiest style plus size shorts around.

  Check out some of these stores and others, either online or in a shopping mall.  Soon you'll be your summer coolest in a pair of stylish plus size shorts!