Sadly the days of summer are fleeting, meaning no more sexy sundresses or short skirts. Now autumn and winter are moving in bring with them long sleeves and long pants to keep warm. However, there is one major plus to the fall and winter season. it is a perfect excuse to buy new stylish weatherproof boots for winter. Boots where high fashion meets high function and go great with a nice pair of skinny jeans or warm yoga pants.

Stylish Weatherproof Winter Boots for Women
UGG Australia Women's Classic Tall Boots Footwear Black Size 8
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(price as of Dec 1, 2013)
The major downside--perhaps even the only downside--to UGG boots is that they carry a high price tag. However, most authentic sheepskin boots always do carry a hefty price tag these days. Synthetics serve the same purpose as sheepskin well enough for a cheaper price. However, if you do find yourself in the market for a pair of authentic sheepskin boots, UGG is the way to go because you always know you are getting authentic sheepskin and quality weather proofing.

Regardless of which UGG shoe style you pick, you get either an authentic sheepskin insole to keep your feet warm and dry or a sheepskin outside that keep the whole shoe weather resistant. Every boot also comes with a manmade sole for extra assure quality.

For the best in weather protection and style, best choose one of UGG's tall boot models. These will provide protection all the way up to mid-calf in deep snow. The snow the does happen to stick to the shoe can be easily brushed off and will not leave water marks. However, salt stains, like with any shoe in winter, are a possibility. The sole of the shoe is also made for decent traction in ice as well.
The North Face Women's Jozie Snow Boots (8.5, Black/Black)
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(price as of Dec 1, 2013)
North Face produces a huge line of winter boots of both women and men. Their shoes also run the gamut of extremely practical yet somewhat ugly to practical and fashionable. However, the more fashionable North Face boots you find the more they cost. However, if you want a beautiful boot that has the best possible ice traction you can find, that is where North Face boots succeed.

The Jozie model is the pinnacle of fashion and practically. At a glance, they are beautiful zip up the side waterproof suede shoes with a leather mud guard and a rollover faux fur collar. However, on the bottom, the Jozie boots comes equip with ice pick lugs for the best ice traction you will ever find on a fashionable shoe (even better than UGGs, in truth), pretty much assuring that you will never have one of those embarrassing slip and fall moments outside again.
Womens Knee High Faux Suede Flat Winter Buckle Boots Gray , 5.5-10
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(price as of Dec 1, 2013)
These are my personal favorite winter boots, I've owned them for years and I just love them because they are both warm and amazing to look at. Like something out of a post-apocalyptic novel with it's off grey worn color (which hardly ever shows salt stains) and buckles. These boots are also great for women with thin or thick calves. Some knee high boots favor either or, but because of the stretchy insides and adjustable buckles, thin calved women or thick calved women find themselves comfortably in this boots.

The boots are faux suede, so they look nice but are actually made out of polyurethane with makes them ultra weather resistant. The sole of the boot has a stippled tread so that it is slip resistant on ice or water. The boots can either be pulled up knee high or folded over, after zipping them up with the zipper along the side. However, they look best worn knee high. The best part about these boots is that they are both stylish and comfortable, while also being extremely affordable. I have had my pair for around three years and I wear them all the time even outside of winter (as I said, I fell in love with their looks) so they are built to last.
Women's Slouchy Over the Knee Comfortable Casual Trendy Round Toe Mid Calf Slouch Thigh High Flat Heel Boots Fashion Stylish Sexy Shoes,9 B(M) US,Grey
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(price as of Dec 1, 2013)
Still dead set on wearing skirts in the dead of winter? Well, you'll need a decently high boot in order to keep goose bumps under control. This is a shoe for all those times you want to wear that nice short skirt you bought at the end of summer then it suddenly got too cold to wear.

The boots are tall over the knee slouchy boots that just look wonderful with short skirts for a fun night out. However, girls with very thin legs should beware, it takes some luscious calves and thighs to keep these boots from overly slouching. However, if you do have the legs for them, they are elegant and easy to slide right on and off. The particular boots do tend to run small though, so order a size up for the perfect fit. Thankfully, since they run so high up your legs, they are also made with super soft fabric on the inside while being soft weather proof synthetic on the outside. Though do beware, unlike the other boots here, these are not great on ice, they lack traction.
BEARPAW Women's Tatum Snow Boot,Hickory,9 M US
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(price as of Dec 1, 2013)
Walking around in winter, you see these boots and a variety of others like them out in mass. moccasins came back around in fashion a few years ago and are showing no signs of leaving anything soon-and for good reason. These boots are fluffy and warm on the inside and soft, stylish, and weatherproof on the outside. Moccasins are easy to slip on and durable for those lazy cold days when you just don't know which shoe to wear.

Bearpaw is a great company to go to for all your moccasin needs as they create stylish moccasins with good quality materials for a reasonable price. these particular boots are made with high quality leather outsides that repel water and snow (though they do show salt stains so they will need to be wiped down on occasion). The soles provide decent slip resistant, however the design on the bottom is more for style that practicality. The inside is line with faux fur that is very soft and keeps you feet especially warm during winter. The thick soles and tough leather made these boots not only fashionable, but durable. These babies will last for years.