So you are off to college and want to have a great looking dorm room, but you have no idea what kind of decorating items you should bring with you. You could always default and do the typical college decorating thing like hanging movie posters and college pennants. However, how about some decorating items that are functional as well as stylish. Something that does not just look cool, but something that can serve you a purpose as well. Let’s be honest, college dorm rooms are not known for being fashionable. With that being said, let’s talk about some items that you can put into your room that are not just practical, but trendy as well.


Flower Mirror

Most college dorm rooms do come with some kind of basic mirror installed, however how good the mirror is can be debatable. In my college dorm room, we had one giant mirror that was permanently installed over the dresser at an angle. While the mirror was great at seeing yourself in your whole outfit, it was terrible for you to get a closer look to make sure you did not have food stuck between your teeth. So with that being said, you will most definitely want a mirror that is well-designed for your use. Perhaps a mirror that hangs behind a closet door would you suit you best so that you can make sure your whole outfit is fit to be seen. However, why stop there? Why not add a mirror to your room that is both functional and stylish? Take for example the mirror shown in the picture above. That mirror is perfect for checking your makeup or your hair, but it is also fun and cool looking with that design. It is always the little details that make the most impact. Add a fun mirror like that you will be sure to give your room that extra something to make feel more like you. So be sure to check around the internet and see what other stylish mirror designs are out there.



Personal Fan

Perhaps you are one of the lucky few whose college dorm has air conditioning. On my campus, half the dorms had air conditioning while the other half did not. Unfortunately for me, I was in one of the dorms that did not. Nevertheless, I did not let that stop me from trying to stay cool and comfortable in my room. I went out and got the biggest portable fan that I could find. But bigger is not always better. Check out your local big box store and you will see a huge variety of fans out there. From different colors, sizes, designs and strengths, the options for portable fans never seems to end. In the picture above, I am showing a fan that will clip onto your bed frame. If you are like me and you like a little breeze on your face while you sleep, then this kind of fan is perfect. The other thing to keep in mind is that a fan is great for some air circulation. You may have air conditioning in your dorm, but perhaps it’s hard to feel. So do yourself a favor and pick up a fan, but make sure that fan is both functional and good looking.

Dry Erase and Cork Boards

Face Shape Dry Erase Board

Dry erase and cork boardsare a great item for your college dorm room decorating and could not be any more functional either. From leaving yourself reminders to tacking up a picture or two, there is no end to the use of one or both of these pieces. However, how can a dry erase or cork board be stylish? If you take a look at the picture above, you will see a dry erase board that has a face shape to it. Besides being useful for leaving notes and messages, this particular dry erase board is a conversational piece. With a little imagination, you and your friends could definitely turn an ordinary board to an extraordinary board.

Room Scent

Room Scent

I believe that when people think dorm room decorating, the first thing that jumps to their mind are tangible things. Things that they can see or touch. However, what about smell? Picture this, you come back from a long day of classes and you open the door to your room and what hits you off the bat? To me, that answer is smell. I think this goes without saying, but dorm rooms are not always the most scent appealing places to spend time. Perhaps those sweaty gym shoes are turning noses when people walk into your room. Perhaps the smell is not coming from your room at all but the room next to you. Either way, a little room scent will go a long way. Also, what is so great about room scentsare the huge variety of smells as well as way to use them. Candles, sprays, electric outlet plug-ins, potpourri, scent beads and more. There is certainly no lack of great ways to add that little extra something to your room decorating. On a side note, I would double check with your dorms rules about burning candles or using electric outlet plug-ins. Both of these methods may not be compatible with the fire code.

Blackout Curtains

blackout shade

Curtains and shades are always a great tactic to add style and be practical at the same time. As everything listed above, there are not shortages of different looks and textures out there to fit your sense of style. The one thought that you will want to keep in mind, is that you still want your curtains to be functional and not all dorm rooms have decent blinds in their windows. With that being said, I would highly suggest that you find a curtain or shade that is also a blackout version. Who knows, maybe there is an LED street lamp that will be shinning right outside your window. Maybe you had to stay up all night trying to prep for an exam and now you’re trying to get some sleep during the day hours. Whatever the case may be, you will definitely want your room to be nice and dark when you are finally trying to get some sleep.

Blackout Shade

Face Shaped Dry Erase Board

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