Styrofoam glue

is a specialty adhesive that is designed with the specific purpose of bonding on a molecular level with Styrofoam. This bond can be between two pieces, or it can be between Styrofoam and any other type of material like ceramic, plastic, or wood. There are many different types of Styrofoam adhesive, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses depending on the project that is at hand. While this type of epoxy is most often used for hobbies, sometimes it is used for other purposes, as well. In fact, anything involving the use of Styrofoam is a project that might find a use for this type of glue.

Most of the time this glue will come in small tubes because the most common use of this material is for modeling or crafting projects. After all, how often in every day life do you need to do a lot of gluing Styrofoam? It's not a very common occurrence. There are much larger containers of Styrofoam adhesive available as well, for those people who are really into hobbies or who might have a larger than life idea of a project that is going to require a lot more than your normal tiny run of the mill tube of hobby glue.

While many people have never heard of this specific type of epoxy, it shouldn't come as a major surprise seeing as how there are literally dozens of specialty hobby adhesives available for a wide variety of uses with different projects. Wood glue, metal glue, Gorilla glue, pva glue, and fabric glue are all examples of a very specific type of glue that are used for individual projects. Styrofoam glue is right along the same lines as these other specialty adhesives.

There are several different companies who provide this epoxy, including UHU, 3M, and Elmer's. There isn't any clear cut study on which is best, but considering all are set to bond at the molecular level, it's unlikely that one particular brand is going to be all that much better or worse than the others. If you need some Styrofoam glue for a project, any of those will probably do just fine.

So if you want a good type of epoxy for a hobby or other similar project, look at grabbing a bit of Styrofoam glue to make sure that model comes out perfectly.