Kids love to make and create things, and recycling is a great way to pique their imagination. Styrofoam crafts are fun and creative. You can make anything from Styrofoam cups, or those packing "peanuts", their imagination is endless. But you can also purchase Styrofoam pieces to decorate, or for great craft projects. Here is one idea.

 Decoupage Comic Ball

This is a fun way to use up the Sunday funny pages, and kids can make this. Just be prepared for mess, and cover your work surface, and enjoy the project. This is not just for kids, you can do this too!

Things You Will Need

What you will need:

One Styrofoam Ball - approximately 6 inches in diameter. You can get these at craft stores or online as below.

White thick craft glue

bit of water

foam brush

Lots of comic strips from the newspaper. Cut them up into smaller pieces or frames(Newspaper works best for this project) It can be the colored Sunday funnies or the black and white comic strips, your choice for the finished color.

Skewer for holding the Styrofoam ball while you are working on it

Gloss podge or you can use water based gloss varnish to give the ball a great gloss.

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 Cut out lots and lots of comic strips into their single frames and pictures and words if you wish, whatever your theme is. Take your skewer and skewer the Styrofoam ball so that you can work on your ball.

Now put your thick glue in a small container (for easier access) and add a little water to thin the glue. Just enough to make it spreadable with a foam brush. Take your foam brush and spread some glue on the ball in a small area, then take a comic picture or whatever your cutouts are and put some glue on the back of it, and paste it to your glued area.

Take your brush and brush out the wrinkles, or use your finger. Then put a thin layer of glue on top of the picture. Now carry on with more comic pictures or sayings or words or just fun stuff! Keep layering your project until there is no Styrofoam showing, and you are satisfied with your project. Put the skewer in a tall glass or container that won't tip until your project is completely dry, usually at least a day or so.

Now take your podge or gloss water based varnish and put a few coats of this on your Styrofoam ball, and let it dry. (You can get podge at the craft store, as well as water based varnish, you need to use water based product so that it doesn't yellow the whites) This will seal in the pictures and you should not be able to feel any edges, after a few coats.

This makes a great stunning decoration, of all your favorite comics. I find the shinier the better. You can make a few of these and arrange them in a container. You can vary this project, by using photographs instead of comic strips. The best way to do that is to take a paper photo copy of your photo, either black and white or colored, and cut it out and decoupage to the ball.

Thinner papers work best. You can also use wrapping papers etc.  Decoupage balls, make great personalized gifts. This is a great project for the kids or you. You can also try this on Styrofoam cups, then use as pen holders. 

Your imagination is your limit, have fun with Styrofoam crafts!

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