Styrofoam crown moldings not only look elegant and chic, they can hide a multitude of sins when it comes to decorating your home!

You see moldings are used in "executive style" houses and offered as an upgrade, but they are also a great way to hide the area where the wall drywall meets the ceiling drywall.


We had a house we were renovating, and there had been so much wallpaper on these walls, right up to the ceiling, that over the years, as the layers of wallpaper were removed, there was quite often damage at the seam between the top of the wall and the ceiling. If you are really good at drywall repair or plastering, those types of edges, then you can make it look good. But if not, then it maybe time to consider moldings.

That area, between the top of the wall and the ceiling will draw your eye if there are any problems. No matter how great a decorating job you did on the rest of the room, your eye will get drawn to that one nasty spot!

There are many types on the market, but one of the easiest to use is Styrofoam moldings. It is lightweight, and can be installed with simple foam adhesive, which is usually sold at the same store as the moldings.

With these crown moldings, all you need to do is, an accurate measurement of your room, and count all the inside corners and the outside corners. You can purchase these corners already cut for you. That was always the big problem with crown molding, if you did not do the cuts properly, it would really show, and not look professional. This way the cuts are already made.

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It is best to install the corner first, do a dry fit test first, to make sure you have the right inside corner or outside corner pieces. Then take your foam adhesive, (this is usually in a tube, and you can use a caulking gun to put this adhesive on) Create a "S" shape with the adhesive and then hold your corner pieces in place for at least 30 seconds. This part is important, of it will fall off and leave a trail of adhesive on your wall, not good. Make sure it is firmly glued before you let go, so you need some patience here.

Can Be Glued Right Over Painted Surfaces

Styrofoam Crown Molding can be glued right over painted surfaces, and give a wonderful finished look to your wall and ceilings.

Once you have glued your corner pieces in, then you can use the straight pieces. If you need to cut them, you can simply use a knife rather than a trim saw, as you would with any wood or MDF products.

Styrofoam Crown Molding, usually comes in bright white, but with its very smooth texture surface, you can pre-paint them any color you want ahead of time. (This is much easier than up high on the wall and ceiling!) If you do paint them, make sure to use a good quality paint brush, so as not to leave brush marks. The moldings are usually painted the same color as your ceiling.

One good rule of thumb for any crown moldings. If your ceilings are the standard eight feet high, then you should not have moldings that are thicker than 3-1/2 inches maybe 4 inches at the maximum, or your ceiling will look to heavy and make the room feel smaller. But if you have higher ceilings, then you can go a bit thicker and give your ceiling the classy look you are looking for.

Since most walls and ceilings, especially in older homes, may not be perfect, you may notice a bit of gapping between your Styrofoam crown molding, and the wall or ceiling. The best thing to do here, is to get a latex caulk and run a thin bead along side your moldings, then using your finger, smooth it out. This gives your crown moldings the perfect finish, without any gaps showing.

So, next time your eye is drawn up to that spot, where your wall board meets the ceiling board, and you see rough edges, or it just does not have that smooth finish, consider installing Styrofoam crown molding. It is easier to install, and cheaper, and although Styrofoam may not take the beating wood will, who is going to climb up the ladder and beat on the moldings? This is purely a decorative feature, and worth every penny. It just adds such class and finishing to a room.

If you can't afford to do much upgrades or renovations in your house this year, but just want to give your home a bit of a lift, then give your walls a fresh coat of paint, and paint the ceiling, and add Styrofoam crown moldings and see what a difference you can make, and you did it yourself!