If you own a Subaru then you will need to make sure that your vehicle is well maintained so that you can have an ownership experience without any issues with reliable performance. There are various ways that you can remind yourself of maintenance schedules for your car. 

Subaru service reminders is a program designed by the company in such a way that message is sent to the owner about maintenance intervals near the time when the vehicle is due to service. These are mainly in the form of emails from your dealer and also include service tips and advice, and sometimes also give information about discounts and coupons.

Online Scheduling

Subaru has a personal website where you will find an entire community which discusses information about subaru vehicles. You also get access to the service and complete history of your vehicle, and you can also access the online manual for your car. It also lets you know when service is due and sends you email reminders while assisting you in organizing appointments online so that you do not have to call the service centre or dealer for your next appointment.

There is a program called the Subaru difference which gives you a number of options for maintenance and service including service reminders, tracking on online sites and methods by which you can reduce your costs and at the same time get high-quality service from trained Subaru technicians.

Subaru car are high-performance cars that take you and your family at high speeds and luxurious comfort and need to be maintained properly to get the best out of them. So you need to make sure that you are in close touch with their maintenance schedule so that do not miss a single service interval and keep your car as brand new at all times.

Tires of your Subaru vehicle should always be a perfect round and black color. Some tires are not completely round due to some damage that they may have undergone and it is not enough to only check the tire pressure once in a while. You also need to check the state of your tire’s tread and should be familiar with the tread wear indicators which feature on the face of each tire. Look at the tire and see whether the wear is even or not. Some people check the tire but forget to check the spare tire. You also need to check the alignment of the tires because if there is a wrong alignment it can mean the need for an early replacement of tires.

Subaru Checks

Examine the area where your car is usually parked. Focus on the area where the engine would have been along with the transmission and check for any leaks. If there has been any leak from the power train you will notice it immediately and in such a case give the components of wipe with a soft cloth and check all the oil and fluid levels. When you drive it try to see whether something is amiss and if you notice something serious take the vehicle to the workshop.

Engine oil

You must always check the engine oil using the dipstick. The ideal time to check engine oil is early in the morning when the car is not warm and the oil is inside the sump. The car should be on flat ground and not at an angle because then the reading can be wrong. If you notice that the engine oil is less top off the engine with oil which is of the same viscosity that your engine needs. Do not fill excess engine oil thinking that more is better. The recommended engine oil has a viscosity rating of 5W-30 for turbo engines, and a maximum temperature of 40°C. It is different for vehicles that are used in desert areas or areas which have abnormally high temperatures. Ideally the engine oil must be changed every 7500 miles or after every 7.5 months. At the time that your engine oil is changed, you should also get the filter changed.

Besides, the accessory belt most of the Subaru models need to be changed at regular intervals. The camshaft belt in the Forester Turbo, WRX and STIs need to be replaced at regular intervals. The engine coolant is usually replaced at an interval of 11 years or 137,000 miles and the fuel system is checked regularly along with the lines connections in all models. The fuel filter in the Forester and WRX is replaced every 60 months or at an interval of 60,000 miles. In the Impreza and Crosstek it is replaced every 75 months or at 75,000 miles.

Spark plugs, differential fluid, automatic transmission fluid CVT transmission oil are also checked and replaced regularly. The brake fluid especially in high humidity conditions is replaced every 15,000 miles or every 15 months.

Regular checks are conducted on the brake pad linings as well at the front and rear axles so that repair can be carried out accordingly. The clutch and steering and suspension is also checked so that any wear in them can be addressed immediately.

In Subaru models the cabin air filter is fitted behind the glove box and is also regularly checked during service. Last but not the least the airbags restraint system is thoroughly checked so that the passengers are always safe and the airbags work when required.


The Subaru service book advises certain service intervals but the frequency of service can be even more depending upon the use of a vehicle. It may be important to carry out some of the services namely the oil and filter change much more frequently especially if the vehicle has been used extensively. This information is available with the service advisor and Subaru workshops and he will recommend the best course of action according to the use of a vehicle.

If your vehicle is serviced regularly according to the Subaru Maintenance Schedule you will never have an issue and will enjoy the benefits of long-term ownership.