This Outback was based on the Legacy. The Subaru Legacy was a very popular car, and there was even a model of the Subaru Legacy called the Outback. The Subaru name may not have come out until the 1994 model but the original version is basically just the second generation Subaru Legacy. In 1994 Subaru came out with the newest wagon and called it the Outback. It has been a very popular car ever since.

There are basically 2 types of Outback’s, you have the Wagon and then you have the shorter traditional styled car which is also branded as the outback. For this article we are focusing solely on the Subaru Wagon.

The smaller wagons such as the Mazda GLC were very functional and useful, but a wagon was not a sexy car for young people. The Wagon changed all of that. This a great car, but it was the marketing efforts that led the Outback-Wagon to become popular among a wide variety of people including young people who wanted to impress other people.

The most popular marketing material showed how the car could be driven to work M-F and then hit the mountains on the weekend while carrying your bicycles, kayak, camping gear, and other outdoor supplies. The Outback Wagon was being branded as a durable, sexy, and functional car that would fit all people regardless of their lifestyle. For the most part the Subaru Outback-Wagon marketing worked amazingly well.

It was often referred to in early advertisements as “The World’s First Sport Utility Wagon”.

If you are looking for a new set of wheels then you should definitely consider this automobile. The only other car I would rather own would be a hybrid Outback or an Electric Outback. I wish these cars were available but the Outback is ready for you at the car dealership. I love these cars and they are very functional.