Now , the start of subliminal messaging in Disney films was supposedly when egocentric Walt Disney decided to not include the animators in the credits, forcing them to sneak their names into the film. Technically, that isn't subliminal messaging. They are not trying to provide a message to get you to do anything, or think anything. You do not subliminally remember the animators names. So technically that isn't the start of subliminal messaging, simply the start of the sneaky hidden things within these films.

Now, i want to take a look at these well know subliminal messages.

SFX or Sex
Now, in my opinion, it reads 'SFX'. But i can see how it can be mistaken for the alternative. But why would disney want to put anything like this in the films?
This has been removed from recent copies of The Lion King, and many people say that if Disney have denied that it was intentional, why remove it? But , that only needs a simple answer. To stop all this banter and to make it so people don't mistake what they would say spelt 'SFX' as the alternative.

Now this one is interesting, perhaps the animators went a bit off the rails? Or not? It simply could be a ordinary tower on the castle, and the wishful thinking of the population have turned it into something different. Even so, it isnt a subliminal message either, as it isn't trying to achieve anything. It is simply an object, something the animators might have slipped in.

Thanks for reading.